Differences between ACKS and Labyrinth Lord versions

Are there any differences, other than the rules, between the ACKS and the Labyrinth Lord versions of Dwimmermount?  Are the treasure amounts found in the adventure the same between versions?  Are the number of enemies the same?

IIRC, the only real differences are the inclusion of domain statistics for the various settlements, plus trade details, etc, in the ACKS version versus the LL version.There may also be more detail in the back for various rituals surrounding Termax. Monster stats will differ in AC and Morale, since ACKS/LL use different metrics for those. I've checked a few encounters and they all match up.

LL/ACKS both count B/X as their ancestor, so I'm pretty sure that the treasure amounts are the same - I've spot-checked a few rooms in the first and last levels and they all match up. (if anything, the treasure is less compellingly mixed than if it was ACKS-only, as ACKS' treasure tables are superior).


Thanks for checking into the difference, @koewn.  I have ACKS Dwimmermount and the ACKS rules, but having never tried straight B/X and about to recieve my Old School Essentials kickstarter, thought I'd start running Dwimmermount with OSE, and houserule things as I go.  I tend towards more unified mechanics and more detail in other games I like, so I'll probably eventually end up mostly playings ACKS anyway. I was considering picking up the LL Dwimmermount PDF since I want to run the megadungeon with as little prep as possible, but it sounds like it won't be much trouble to use the ACKS version. 


OSE, I recall, is a rewrite of B/X as it was - reorganized a bit, I guess. In the general sense, then, any part of ACKS that differs from B/X can be tacked on without breaking anything, as ACKS was originally developed with a slavish devotion to matching up to BX (almost twisted around itself in some cases to do so). The fighter bonus damage, for example, magic research, the treasure tables, etc - all "plug in able" for whatever you think would enhance your game beyond what OSE provides as a default.