Dinner's Not Ready, Bring Out An Appetizer

We won't have the Domains at War Kickstarter ready to launch this month, despite my stated intentions in a previous post. It's frustrating to have people saying "TAKE MY MONEY" and not be able to! The delays in starting the campaign are because we're trying to plan for everything and avoid a much more frustrating delay in delivering the goodness we'll create with your money.

Today we nailed down some of the pricing for the counters and maps, but we're still figuring out the best way to do shipping overseas & to the rest of North and South America given the international rate increases earlier this year. In the meantime I came up with some introductory text for the Kickstarter page and was pleased that my fellow Autarchs felt it captured our ambitions for Domains at War. Hopefully this will provide a taste of the work we're doing in the kitchen!



Tomorrow you will bring the battle to the foe. Tonight you walk among the troops you'll lead. The mercenaries are veterans and sleep while they can, but the anxious peasants levied from your lands seek comfort in recounting your victories. You sit at their campfire, activating your ring of invisibility so you can listen instead of command. Remember when you were like them? Back when you first entered the dungeon, you wielded a sword and fought for gold, glory, and the favor of the gods. Winning these earned you a throne. Now you wield an army and fight for the right to rule the domains at war.




When’s dinner going to be ready? I’m getting hungry!