Do female thrassians have breasts?

Clearly the most important question to be asked in the history of ACKS.

Do female thrassians have breasts? Do certain levels of racial class build have breasts and others don't? If so, at what level is the cut off point?

*gets flashbacks to flamewars from the 4e days over dragonborn*


No, they do not. Breasts (mammaries) are the definining trait of mammals. While it is theoretically possible that a reptile-mammal crossbreed could have breasts, Thrassians do not. The Thrassians were engineered through magical crossbreeding to be a warrior-race. Having the female of the species nurse their young was rejected by the breeders because it would have created bonds of affection between mother and child as well as tied down the females for long periods of time.

From time to time, latent human strains within the Thrassian bloodlines do result in some fatty deposits in the upper torso, but these are non-functional, though they contribute to the myth of the "breasted" Thrassian female.


Answers like that really hit home for me why I am a bit enamoured with ACKs.  Stuff comes across as being thought about from the way the setting world would work, not just a gameplay perspective, yet still has enough tidbits and querks that if you want it the setting fits it in.

That's about the kindest compliment you could possibly offer my setting and game - thank you!

The troglodytes on the back cover of Module B1, In Search of the Unknown, shows troglodytes with breasts. I believe it was drawn by Darlene.