Domain Classification and Advancing

In the final paragraph of “Acquiring the Domain” section (ACKS II, RR, chapter 8, pg 337-338,) we find a very useful and easy classification of Domains.

Question 1: Why do you specify “large town or city”? Why not “large town or larger settlement”?

In the subsection “Limits of Growth” of “Attracting Peasants” (ACKS II, RR, chapter 8, pg 341) we find the rules for improving from one level to the next.

Question 2: While in advancing it says “friendly city or large town” only in the third requeriment, it’s not specified nor in Classification nor in first requirements for advancing that the other settlement must be friendly. Is there any reason for this?

Question 3: Due to the assimetry between these two rules sections, imagine this scenario: We have two little recent Outlands Domains, separated by less than 72 miles. Domain 1 has a small town. Now, Domain 2 builds a settlement, let’s say a hamlet…and it advances to Borderland…while the small town owner Domain 1 is still an Outland domain?

Thank you.

  1. It’s just how I chose to write it. I don’t like “large or larger” type sentences and try to avoid them when I can, because it uses the word “large” to mean two different things.

  2. The assumption is that if you are establishing a new settlement near a city or large town, that you are doing so with their permission.

  3. Here is an attempt to answer the question. Please let me know where we are in disagreement.

Domain A is Outlands with Small Town. If it has a Small Town and at least 185 families, and ML +1 it will automatically increase to Borderlands. If it doesn’t have at least 185 families, I don’t understand how it has a Small Town. So Domain A will almost automatically have become Borderlands immediatley.

Domain B is Outlands with out a settlement. It now establishes a village. Running through the checklist:

a) The domain has at least 185 families, is connected by road to a small town within 24 miles, and has a morale score of +1 or better;

It might go to Borderlands if it has the families, ML, and is within 24 miles of Domain A’s small town, but the village it just built is irrelevant.

b) The domain has a territory of at least 5 hexes populated by at least 925 families and has a morale score of +1 or better;

Again, it might go to Borderlands, but the village it just built is irrelevant.

c) An urban settlement has been established in the domain that is within 72 miles of a friendly city or large town.

The domain has just established an urban settlement. However, it is not within 72 miles of a friendly city or large town; Domain A only has a small town.

So Domain B remains Outlands.

Estimated Archon, thank you for your quick answer.

I don’t pretend to look confrontational nor nitpicky: I’m translating your rules to Spanish for my personal use (glad to colaborate if you need my notes) before involving my players, that’s why I study so closely your phrasing.

  1. As I had understood from the beginning. Nothing to add.

  2. The spirit of the question is more directed to the possibility of roguish players asking to advance domains thanks to nearby enemy settlements in spite of closed borders (and the following East Germany/North Korea discussion).

  3. Ok, not disagreement at all. Just the suggestion of a more comprehensive “Domain classification” table for avoiding double-checking: once classified the domains, have to see if any promotes…explained three pages later.