Domains at War Kickstarter Reward Levels

Yes, the wipe-erase map will be available separately with any reward level. Shipping is a big headache, I'll look at how Fate Core handled it - learning from Evil Hat has always been a good strategy :)

I’m interested in the Centurion or Primus Pilus level. The books themselves are the most important thing for me, followed by easy access to the “pieces” (a printable hex map, counters, etc.), followed by pdfs of the books. The rewards look good to me. The only suggestion I have is: if it is possible to provide any images/examples of listed rewards, then do so… a picture really is worth 1,000 words.

No problem with that. I’ll just check the drafts often.

I’m likely a Legate or Centurion.

I’d explicitly mention the backers acknowledgment for the simple fact that it may curtail you being asked that question many times over the course of the KS.

I take it that hardcover copies are off the table even as a higher tier reward?

We've asked McNaughton & Gunn for a quote on hardcovers, just waiting for them to get back. There are some other options out there to do them as well but McN&G has been good to us so far and I'd like to stay loyal if possible.

For people who are interested in the hardcovers - would you want them to be in addition to the softcovers (following the usual logic that a higher level reward gets all the lower level stuff as well), or would it be instead of softcover?

I’d want the HC instead of the SC. I don’t really need multiple copies of the book at the table.

I’d expect HC instead of SC, although I found that when I was waiting for the PC HC I really missed the proof SC like we got for the Core book (since I do more when I have a book in front of me instead of a PDF).

i’d want a HC instead of a SC, too.

Same on just the hardcover.

I’ll chime in to say I don’t have a preference of SC vs. HC. I’m fine with either.

I do like hardcovers, but I’ll acquiesce to your wisdom regarding softcover usability. That said, if I got a hardcover, I’d have no use for a softcover as well. As it stands, I suspect I’ll pledge at PRIMUS PILUS, or maybe a step or two higher, depending on the price.

I keep checking the status of this. As the internet memes say, “TAKE MY MONEY!”

Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'm working on figuring out how to have the map and counters done, it's outside my experience to date.

I will always choose hardcover, because in ten years I still want to be able to use this book. Perfect bound softcovers simply won’t survive.

Thanks for the info about shipping! Still not ready to take your money, but here's some teasers from the Kickstarter page under construction. 

Any chance this will be presented as a boxed set similar to Greyhawk Wars if the Kickstarter does well enough?

I saw some printer/manufacturing options for boxes, so that is something we could pursue. What we're thinking about right now for the Complete Set is a portfolio like the Orcs of Thar gazetteer where the books, counters, and maps fit inside the pockets of a shrink-wrapped folder.

I’m probably just way out of the loop here, but the hex map… is it just a blank hex map or is it the outdoor map that was talked about a bit recently in the Dwimmermount G+ community? (I’m assuming it is an actual map, because blank vinyl hex mats are already pretty readily available, but I just wanted to check)


The vinyl hex map is made for D@W and has 2" hexes and the 4' x 3' expanse the Battles rules assume. I didn't see any existing wipe-erase hex battlemats with these specs, but would be glad to learn about one if it existed!

The map from the Dwimmermount project is Rob Conley's adaptation of the original outdoor map that was recommended for use in OD&D. It might be useful in D@W: Campaigns if you wanted a generic wilderness region with the recommended 6-mile hex scale, with pre-generated terrain but the opportunity to draw in your own settlements and strongholds for use in tracing supply lines as armies maneuver. I hadn't planned to make it part of the D@W Kickstarter but it might make a good stretch goal.

Sorry to butt in late here, but I just wanted to say that the D@W battlemap will be a 2" hexmap that has a grid of 24x18 hexes. Although the hexes are “empty”, it does look “pretty” with some nice high resolution grass textures done in watercolor AND the grass texture geomorphically fits to the edge of other D@W battlemaps. As the head map-and-counter monkey for D@W, I thought I would toot about that. Sample below: