Dungeon Tracker

Not sure where the posting I made about this went.

I got the dungeon tracker pdf and looked it over. I love it, but are there instructions for it anywhere. Most of it is pretty self-explanatory, but the Quests, Plots, Things To Do section has a Roll column, as in die roll. I’m not sure what the point of that column is.

Hi Thiles, sorry I got here so late to respond!

The Quests, Plots, & Things To Do originated in a document that Tavis made when he was brainstorming ways to give the Dungeon Tracker utility. When I took over trying to figure out how the Dungeon Tracker should work for maximum fun I thought that the list of interesting possibilities on each level of Dwimmermount were way too cool NOT to include. (And logically enough, a very Tavis Allison item to include since he was my DM for some time in NYC and it kinda mirrors the fun lever pulling, faction fiddling nature of his DMed D&D games).

So there are no instructions for the Tracker but the roll column is there simply for convenience like many old school Judges Guild or 1st edition documents. The most direct use I think those tables would be for are generating quests to give to adventuring parties while they are in town, vile plots to stop or assist in, or determination about the desires of faction members if the PCs happen to talk to them. Kinda wide open. Pick or roll as desired.

I hope that answers your question. Glad you like the rest of the tracker though!