Dwarf Units

I worked up some mass combat stats for Dwarven Furies, a giant Machinist automaton, and some dwarf heroes for Domains at War, and Alex suggested that I post a link here. So have a look at https://wanderinggamist.blogspot.com/2016/10/domains-at-war-dwarf-units.html !

This is pretty great.

As far as the dwarven war machines, while small 1 or 2HD units are prohibitively expensive and a single giant tank seems effective except for corner cases like dragonfire and magic, is there a sweet spot somewhere in the middle?

Glad you like it! I did consider working out something in the 10-14HD range for automata; may give that a shot at some point, but my momentum is currently on a similar post for goblins.

Would you have any interest in letting me commission this and/or expanding this into an AXIOMS article? We're on the topic of "War" this issue so it's good timing.