Dwarf Wheellock Musketeers

This is a unit I wanted from the beginning, since the idea of a dwarf using the mechanically complicated wheellock appealed to me.

Unit Size: 120
Unit Move: 1/2/3
Unit Type: DF
Unit AC: 4
Unit HD: 1
Unit hp: 8
Unit Morale: 0
Unit Melee: 3 Mace, 10+
Unit Ranged: 1 Wheellock Musket, 10+ (reload 1)

Daily Move: 18
Weekly Move: 72
Monthly Wage: 1600
Supply Cost: 60
Specialist Cost: 130
BR: 2.2

Note that I'm not sure how, since they have nearly identical stats (except for better reload), but they actually came out cheaper than matchlocks.