Dwarven Vaults and Elven Fastnesses

Many of you have asked for a little bit more information on Dwarven Vaults & Elven Fastnesses. Please let me know if this covers it.

A dwarven vault may not be built in the civilized or borderland area of a human or elven realm, only in a dwarven realm, or wilderness area. Additionally, a dwarven vault must be an underground structure. While it may include above-ground gates, walls, or structures as necessary for defense or commerce, these cannot constitute more than 25% of the gp value of the stronghold. Any above-ground structures must be of earth or stone.
Dwarves usually live in clans, so dwarves of the vault builder’s clan will be the first to live under his roof, but dwarves from other clans will also come and live nearby to be ruled by the character. A total of 3d6x10 1st level NPCs of the same race will move in to help maintain and defend the vault at no cost to the character. If additional defenders are needed, a dwarven ruler is expected to employ only soldiers of dwarven descent. He may hire members of other races for other tasks.
Dwarven vaults are otherwise maintained like human domains.
An elven fastness may not be built in the civilized or borderland area of a human or dwarven realm. Only areas within an elven realm, or wilderness areas, will serve. Additionally, a fastness must be built harmoniously within a site of natural majesty. Fastnesses might be erected at the summit of a great peak, in the branches of a might tree, or behind a towering waterfall. Building in such locations is very expensive, so the structure will cost as much as similar work in stone, even though it is not.
Once the fastness is completed, a total of 3d6x10 1st level elven NPCs will move in to help with it and defend the fastness at no cost to the character. If additional defenders are needed, elven spellswords may hire elven mercenaries only. Non-elven beings may be hired as specialists and henchmen, but not as mercenaries.
Because of the elven connection to nature, all ordinary animals within 3 miles of the fastness will be friendly to the elves. The elves will be able to communicate with the animals as per the spell speak with animals, and the animals will warn of approaching strangers, carry news of events, deliver short messages to nearby places, etc. As a result, spies and thieves operating against the domain suffer a -2 penalty to their proficiency throws (see Hijinks, below). However, in exchange for this assistance, an elven ruler must always defend the animals within this territory.
Elven fastnesses are otherwise maintained like human domains.

Very nice work Alex, particularly on the costs for a fastness - very clever that.
At first read through, that covers everything, though I’d make one slight change to the first sentence of each description. Instead of saying ‘of a human or elven/dwarven realm’, I’d say ‘of a realm populated by another race’, because what’s to say that you won’t eventually introduce other races as stronghold building PC races - plus I imagine there may be such a thing as a beastman realm if they could ever get sufficiently organised.
Ofc, you could just houserule that sort of thing in if you decided to allow other playable races as the Judge.

Fair point re: the other races. As written, there’s a loophole for chaotic domains!

Very nice!