Dwimmermount Campaign Restart - The Village People



Ooh, I want the rules for that Mice of Gold ritual.


So basically it turns mice into an equal weight of gold.  Since a single mouse = approx. 1/2 an ounce it takes 32 mice to equal a pound.  Since 10 lbs of gold = 1000 gp,, 1 lbs = 100 gp.  You also need 1 lbs of refined azoth.  It's kind of a fools errand as you need about 32,000 mice to double your investment with a chance of failure.

 That's a whole lotta mice you have to breed and keep alive for several weeks.  I can only imagine the costs of henchmen, cages, food, separating males from females, a warehouse with shelves of mice, and finally finding a way to avoid local leadership from finding out the party is breeding enough mice to ruin a city to try to turn them into gold.  

Nothing like an unreasonable requirement to cause players to come up with crazy plans to fulfill them.  Truly a joy for a GM.


So, there's no limit on the number of mice that can be affected? What level is the ritual? (The figures you gave suggest first level. Is that right?) Does the ritual have a maximum range or require line of sight to each mouse, or could you cast in the middle of a town to play havok with the economy, causing countless people to find tiny gold mouse figurines in their homes? (Come to think of it, this spell could end plagues.)

How much is azoth worth?

It's a level 8 ritual. Refined azoth is 100 gp per ounce and basically unavailable for sale ( although one party has access to an unlimited amount).  The area of effect would be maybe a 50' radius.  The problem would be finding enough mice, although I could see animal growth or enlarge being used.  A single mouse is only worth 50 gp. 

I might put a limit on the total value.  My highest level mage from either party is 6th level so I have some time to mull it over.


Ah, looks like I miscalculated. Thanks for the correction.

Yeah, I can see how it'd be hard to make a profit with that ritual. Unless you came up with a cheap and permanent mouse-summoning spell, of course. Hmm...

Now, if that ritual could turn smurfs into gold, that would be another matter entirely. You could build a whole campaign around that :-)

I'm surprised at how well your players handled the dragons! My players would have attacked the dragons then party-wiped, then complained it wasn't level appropriate. Arrgh, new school has ruined them!

The player who plays Illyrio is actually an old school player who I played with back in the 80s.  Several of the other players are his kids.  We played a campaign before this and I impressed upon them the need to read the add players handbook suggestions.  They learned that it's better to run and come back with a plan then to die.  I might have printed out the old school primer and asked them to read it as well.

Nothing angers a party more than someone who takes away their Xp and gold.  They plan on going back and getting their treasure back when they are higher level.  I've come right out and told them that balance is NOT a thing.   My struggle is how much info to give them so they actually have a choice.

I couldn't have given them any more warning about the dragons. If they would have run out after Deathclaw peeked his head in, I would have let them get back to the lizardmen, as long as they didn't roll an encounter.  Greed made them stay and they payed a price.  It'll all work out for them once a few humidifiers are sold.

The other PC party are my son and his friends.  They only know the old school way, since that's the only type of game they've played.  They have really taken to it. I haven't had a chance to write up the summaries of that group,but they cleared out a level by going back through the map and figuring out likely secret door locations.  Now they have Dwimmersmite, a magic sword capable of finding secret doors (but not the way to open them).

VP expedition # 8 & 9

Village People:

  • Tariq the Harvester – Lvl 6 Mage (Necromancer) –Extremely short necromancer
    <ul style="list-style-type:circle">
    	<li><strong>Mycah Pyrus</strong> – Lvl 3 Shaman – (Snake Healer) –– Armed with a staff.
    		<li><strong>Reggie</strong> – small python – HD 2</li>
    	<li><strong>Tirion Snow</strong> – Lvl 4 Elven Ranger – STR +3, INT +1, WIS +1, DEX +3 Ch +1, Precise Shooting (stacks), Animal Training (panther), Animal Husbandry, FS – Missiles – wears leather and armed with a composite long bow
    		<li><strong>‘Panther’</strong> – Panther henchmen</li>


  • Eduardo aka ‘Keyser Soze’ – Lvl 7 Thief (Cat Burglar) – budding tycoon
    <ul style="list-style-type:circle">
    	<li><strong>Ukla the Quick</strong> – Lvl 4 Barbarian (Pit Fighter) – fights with net and trident.
    		<li><strong>Michael Thomas</strong> – Fighter 3 (guardsman) – Alertness, Signaling, , STR, DEX, CHA +1, INT -1 - wears plate mail and armed with a glaive</li>
    	<li><strong>Onde Vrazic</strong> – Familiar imp – Mimicry x2, Arcane Dabbling, Alertness</li>
    	<li><strong>Delwyn</strong> – Lvl 3 Village Witch – laying on hands, healing x2, familiar – Str -1 Int+1, WIS +1, DEX +@, CON -1, spell signatures based on potions, salves, balms, or foodstuffs.
    		<li><strong>Bernard – </strong>Familiar – golden lab – laying on hands, soothsaying (sniffs butt), animal husbandry</li>


  • Dave ‘the Pure’ Carrin – Lvl 6 Cleric (Hermit) of Hera –Wears custom made plate (with symbol of Hera) + magical +1 shield
    <ul style="list-style-type:circle">
    	<li><strong>Angela of Hera</strong> – Lvl 4 Cleric (proselytizer) –wears Plate and armed with a billhook</li>
    	<li><strong>Julia </strong>– Lvl &nbsp;2 Priestess WIS, CON +1, CHA +2 &nbsp;
    		<li>3 priestesses</li>


  • Jace – Lvl 6 Mage (Elementalist) – quiet pyromaniac, wears robes with flames.
    <ul style="list-style-type:circle">
    	<li><strong>Nakai</strong> – Altrusian (ancient lizardman) Elder Skull –</li>


  • Illyrio Sicarus – Lvl 5 Assassin (Bravo) – Wears leather, armed with Swordbreaker - +2 sword

When the party got back to Muntburg, Illyrio asked Tuccia to hire a new henchmen to replace Shalla and then scout out the situation in Winterburg in anticipation of the Village People hiring troops to take the city.  There was a lot of news from Shemp to catch up with when they got back:

  • The Raiders and the Seekers each had another successful delve into Dwimmermount
  • There was a new temple devoted to the divine power of law being built north of town.  It was being built by the Raiders, as Dante and Lazarus having been converted from worshipping Death.
  • Bishop Johann came into town to investigate stories of persons drained of blood and uncovered that a new town favorite, Cyrus, was actually a vampire.  He was actually renting one of the townhouses owned by the Raiders.  The ensuing battle resulted in Johann driving away the vampire (slaying a vampire turns it to mist) and the death of his henchman Annabella Mediate.  They also damaged the Raider’s Rentals. He was recovering in the new Temple of Death near the cemetery. 
  • Several farmers were missing from their farms in the fertile areas north of Muntburg.  The animals were left unharmed.

The party first spoke to Bishop Johann. He had raised Annabella, but she was still recovering from coming back.  He asked about the mountain and whether they had seen any signs of a vampire anywhere.  The party hadn’t  and offered assistance once Johann was ready to search for the crypt of Cyrus.

The party spent some time discussing what to do next.  Jace wanted to take the Altrusian skull back to it’s home (as promised).  Others wanted to go back to secure the pool of life.  Others wanted to go back to the area at the top of the elevator shaft (called the Divinitarium  by the stone face). Finally there were some that wanted to go back down where they had found the dwarves. 

The party decided to go to the Divinitarium.  Before they did, they decided to investigate the missing farmers.  At the home of one of the missing farmers they spoke to a young nephew of the missing family who was tending to the animals.  He looked away shamefully after meeting the gaze of Dave and recognizing him.  He explained that only the dog was slain and that no one saw anything.  It wasn’t ordinary bandits, as the formal family silver was left alone.  

Entering the house, they didn’t find any clues.  If there was a struggle, it did not end in bloodshed.  Dave decided to talk to the animals.  (The nephew became very concerned that Dave would talk to the sheep).  When Dave talked, the cat wasn’t willing to talk unless Dave brought him something to eat.  Luckily the nephew had a fish and the cat talked.

The cat explained that the mistress and her husband were taken by red skinned people.  They smelled like spices that the mistress used in her chili and moved almost as quietly as the cat moved.  They only other thing they took were some of the stuff the husband was always writing on and became angry at when the cat laid on it.  After they had captured the Mistress and her husband and began searching the home, strange music started to play, (something progressive with a heavy bass groove).  They left out of the door as quietly as they came. 

Suspecting the Eld, and curious what they had taken, they turned to the nephew. 

The nephew explained that the farmer was always wasting time reading and drawing.  The farmer, it turns out, fancied himself the descendant of a Thulian general.  He was an avid reader of military history and considered himself a cartographer.  He would often make maps of current political boundaries.  Fearing the worst, the party feared what this information could mean to an large organized force.

Dave spoke to some sheep, only to reveal that some ‘people’ came out of the house (and the reason for the nephew’s shame). They couldn’t give any more details.  The cow wasn’t much better.  Illyrio suggested they talk to the pig.  The pig was able to describe the strangers as tall, agile, thin red skinned men wearing harnesses of leather and metal.  They killed the dog and moved toward the house.  The pig fled and didn’t see anything else.  The pig also said they smelled slightly of cinnamon or a similar spice. 

The other animals on the other farms told similar stories of red men coming in the night and taking hostages but little valuables.  The party managed to meet with the Captain of the Guard, Alixandre Vaast, and mention their concerns.  The captain thanked them for their assistance and promised to increase patrols around Muntburg.  

The next morning, the party took some of their henchmen and headed into the mountain.  They met with members of the Crimson Band.  When they asked if there was anything new, they said that the goblins were now wearing ‘uniforms’ and livery.  When asked about it the goblins reported that they were now servants of the Thulian Empire!

The party went to the Stone head and asked “what was the Divinitarium level for?”  The head explained it was for communication with outposts and as a hangar for astral vessels (the party’s eyes went wide at mention of the word ‘hangar’). 

The party explored the Divinitarium in two expeditions.  In summary they:

  • Found a strange looking arcane helmet with the ability to see into various planes and sense magical energy.
  • Fought (and ran from) several new types of slime and plant creatures.
  • Met some githyanki and formed a non-aggression pact
  • Led two shambling mounds to the githyanki camp
  • Ended up leaving the dungeon in a flying metal sailing ship!!!  Jace figured out how to fly it by casting read magic on a manual in the helms
  • Recovered 12 shimmering robes (AC 12) and belts that create spheres of fresh air.

The party took the ship to the bottom of a small lake near Muntburg.  Leaving Ukla and Angela on the ship, using the air belts to exit through an ‘airlock’.  Eduardo’s imp asked him for a pirate hat (preferably one made out of baby skin).  The game ended with the party in Adamas.

I don't know if you intended this to be hilarious, but it was. I love how immediately after the non-aggression pact they betrayed them...

  • Met some githyanki and formed a non-aggression pact
  • Led two shambling mounds to the githyanki camp
  • Ended up leaving the dungeon in a flying metal sailing ship!


I don't know if you intended this to be hilarious, but it was. I love how immediately after the non-aggression pact they betrayed them...


Thanks.  It was.  The boat was not the githyanki's, it was there.  The party was actually careful NOT to break the letter of the deal, figuring that if the mounds killed them all it was o.k.


Raiders Update – Part 1

Previously the raiders had hired King RukRuk and the hobgoblins from level 2B.    Dante had talked them into moving out of the dungeon.  They settled in a few longhouses built north of Muntburg and lived off the land and supplies purchased for them as part of their monthly salaries.  Dante also retired his dogs to the home he built north of Muntburg.  Lazarus abandoned the church of Death he had built, turning it over to a priestess of death he had hired.  He built a large temple of law, with gold and marble interiors north of Muntburg.  He was able to bring a small number of followers with him.

When Dante converted I ruled that if he could make a save vs. spells he could swap out his proficiencies.  He would have to make progressive saves, each adding an additional -2.  I also ruled that if he spent his free time between adventures, he would get an additional save when he leveled uo too swap out more.  The same with his converted assassin henchman Barney. 

The party managed to clear about half of level 3B.  They wanted to extract azoth from the lakes they found.  They spoke with their old party member Isaac Stocker (who runs the moon pool operation in Dwimermount).  They also set up barracks on the level for 20 hobgoblins at a time (working in shifts). 

Issac and the party had looked at the maps and designed a path in and out for workers.   Combined with environment suits, an engineer control rod, the azoth processer, alchemists, and some additional human troops, Stocker Azothworks was founded, although it took several months to get operational.

The party had several expeditions into the dungeon and a lot happened:

  • Lazarus’ henchman Tendo was murdered and replaced by a doppleganger while the party was killing some carrion crawlers.  After some shenanigans in the Flask and Scroll Tavern, he was killed by Rufus and Lazarus.
  • Found Dwimmersmite – an intelligent eld and mage hating blade with the ability to detect hidden things, sense evil, and sense magic.  Begrudgingly accepted Dante as his wielder, until his conversion.  Now the sword is happy.
  • Found and sold lots of other magical items, notably Thulian plate for Dante and Lazarus (damaged by grey ooze), and Thulian chain for Rufus.
  • After summoning an angel (level 5 divine spell for clerics of Law) party ran into the Free Swords, the most famous adventuring party in the region.  After a Mexican standoff, the cleric of the free swords began casting a protective spell and it jumped off.  The angel refused to fight, but the Raiders were victorious.  The free swords’ mage got away.  The raiders chopped off the heads of the fallen free swords to prevent restore life and limb, putting the stone dwarven corpse into their bag of holding. 
  • One of the free swords was recognized as Hemmet of Death, one of Lazarus’ early mentors.
  • Lazarus found that angels no longer responded to his summoning spell after the fight with the Free Swords.  He cast Atonement daily for he and Dante.  They also spent 2000 gp tp feed the peasants around Muntburg. 
  • Met Krishka, the leader of the wererats.  They led her out of the dungeon for a map of the 5th level. 
  • The Raiders agreed to take out the Minotaur King
  • Found a device that played metal discs full of knowledge. 
  • The party hired the Seekers on a monthly basis to go through the discs with an agreement that they would not reveal the information discovered without checking with the Raiders first. The Seekers also had to agree not to go into other parts of the 3rd level.  (The Seekers set up a living quarters in a nearby section).
  • Marguerin The Mystical (Seekers) was able to get the Raiders to agree to allow the spread of arcane knowledge to help mankind. 
  • Lazarus got a tiger (and tiger trainer) to take into the dungeon.  It has proven to be harder to control than a guard dog, or Dante’s trained ape. 


 Rufus’ Raiders – Expedition 9

  • Rufus Hypnol– Lvl 7 Barbarian Death Dealer – Ambushing, Climbing, Armor Training, Profession – Gangster - STR +3, CHA -1, Thulian Chain and a +1 shield, wearing gauntlets of ogre strength and armed with a +2 sword
  • Dante – Lvl 8 Paladin – Precise Shooting, Mystic Aura, Toughness(+1hp/lvl), Fighting Style (two weapons), Weapon Finesse, Intimidation, Combat Reflexes, Weapon Focus - swords – STR +1, INT +2 WIS -2, DEX +3, CON -1, Wears Thulian Plate mail, cloak of protection, and a ring of protection, wields dual magic blades – Dwimmersmite and Trollslayer,.  He has an unearthly appearance (gold eyes, with a burning intensity).  Occasionally wears a special pack with a hand pump pressure system to spray moon pool water – Servant of Law.
    • Barney – a level 6 paladin of law with manual of arms, riding, and toughness, wears fancy plate and a +1 spear. 
    • Tommy “big brain” – level 4 mage
  • Lazarus Deathbrood – Lvl 8 Cleric Exorcist – Sensing Evil, Intimidation, Apostasy, Theology, Diplomacy, Beast Friendship, Can cast Sanctuary 1x a day (power gained in dungeon) INT -1, WIS +1, DEX +2, CON +1 CHA +1 Wears damaged Thulian Plate and a magic shield, under a black cassock, armed with +2 warhammer, bloodthirsty Cleric of Law.
    • Tiger – a large tamed tiger – now a henchman
    • Adolphus Smart – a 3rd level mage


The Raiders decided to establish a realm dedicated to the power of law. After looking at maps of the area, they choose an unclaimed area near several small realms along the Lanis river basin east of Adamas.  They hired an explorer to survey the hexes of interest. They sent some mounted hobgoblin troops along with Barney with him.  He focused on the plains between the Barony of Dor and the Northern Thunderhome mountains.

Meanwhile, Rufus, Dante and Lazarus travelled to Adamas.  Lazarus was looking for a scroll of Summon Weather.  He met with Bishop Saidon, the leader of the church of Zeus. Lazarus and Dante introduced themselves as followers of the God of Law.  After some discussion, the Bishop  was willing to sell a scroll for 5,000 GP if Lazarus agreed to take on a young priest of Zeus as a henchman, which he did. 

The Raiders travelled to the Barony of Dor, the nearest small realm near their targeted area.   After a day, they managed to to meet Baron Jean Dor, who was holding court in his keep.  After a period of discussion, the Raiders explained that they intended to set up a realm to the south west of Dor.  The Baron agreed to sell them the rights his realm had to the unclaimed land (3 hexes worth) for 2000 GP.  The local Priest of Zeus had some resistance to the idea of allowing Lazarus to spread the worship of law to Dor, but the Baron agreed to that as well.

The Raiders were invited to dinner that evening and to stay as guests of the Baron.  The party joined several of the Baron’s underlings visiting from their realms.  Rufus pretended to get drunk and asked to be taken to his room. Using his natural stealth, he managed to sneak out and found what he assumed was the Baron’s room, guarded by two guards. He considered knocking them out but reconsidered, pretended he was drunk and lost and was escorted back to his room.  He did manage to memorize the layout and patrol locations for future reference.

Meanwhile Lazarus and Dante stayed at dinner.  After dinner, Lazarus challenged anyone to battle Dante for a show.  One of the Baron’s Tribunes, Aethalwolf Washer, agreed.  After agreeing to the terms - first blood (defined as first to ½ HP) with full armor and weapons. Lazarus made a 100 GP wager at 2 to 1 odds (he wanted more, but Aethalwolf didn’t have that much available). 

Dante won initiative, and with a roll of 19, managed a critical hit (house rule, weapon focus grants a critical hit on a natural 19, 20 or rolling 10 over what is needed to hit).  He did 21 damage with Dwimmersmite and Trollslayer, ending the fight with one blow with a vicious slash across Aethalwolf’s chest, drawing blood and dropping him to his knees.  Dante then kneeled over him, shouting “Behold the power of Law”, laying on hands and healing him of 16 HP of damage.  At the same time, Lazarus called on Law and cast Winged Flight on Dante, causing large angel wings to temporarily spring from his back (allowed 1x by artistic license).  Several people present dropped to their knees in reverence, including the local priest of Zeus, who immediately converted to the worship of the divine power of law and pledged himself to follow Dante as his humble servant. 

The next morning, Dante  and Lazarus met with the priest, Rento Corveno.   Lazarus paid to upgrade and covert the local temple from the worship of Zeus to the divine power of law.  Dante ordered Rento to follow Lazarus instead (used his intimidation and majestic aura to convince him). 

There also happened to be a small dwarf population and a temple to Vulcan in Dor (the party never really asked why Vulcan had a temple in such a small market). After a short consultation between the Raiders and the Craftpriest, he agreed to introduce them to some stone masons from the dwarven vaults in the nearby Heartstone Mountains who could help them build their fortified church/castle (for a fee of course).  He also marveled at the craftsmanship of some of their weapons and armor. 

Meanwhile the explorer, Barney, and the hobgoblins managed to sweep through several nearby hexes.  He found only a few horse herds (no other lairs) and estimated the value of the hexes (Actually my bad – I had classified them as Civilized, which should have meant that there were realms on them.  I now have decided that there are a few lairs not found by the explorer which will be revealed after the party moves in).  (Hexes 3522 – 6, 3253 – 7, several horse herds 3623 -6)

The party decided to build a fortress for Lazarus against the side of a mountain (taking advantage of the Cleric reduction in price).  They planned a keep (with the ability to burrow into the mountain at a later time), and a 40’ wall with two towers and a gatehouse.  The dwarves also were to level out the ground in the courtyard between the outer wall and the keep.  The party paid double to increase the speed at which the fortress was built.  Rufus stayed with the masons and the hobgoblin troops to protect the workers (player had to leave). Dante, Lazarus, and their henchmen decided to go back to Muntburg for an expedition into Dwimmermount.

The Raiders (Lords of Law) entered the dungeon with the intent to take out the Minotaur King on the 4th level once and for all.  They stopped by to check in with the Crimson Band (whom they pay to guard the entrance to level 2A).  They found out that the goblins started to wear livery and claimed to work for the Thulian Empire!  They made a note off it and travelled to the 4th level without any problems.

Upon arriving they realized they had forgotten the magical password to the teleportation maze (only remembering the first letter).  Their map, made for them by the leader of the wererats in return for helping her out of the dungeon, didn’t help (the wererats didn’t know it either).  They luckily found a room with a hint and they figured it out. 

During their expedition they:

  • Came across a termaxian mummy named Volusian, presented their termaxian passkey and found out that another party (the village people) had taken the treasure he was to guard. 
  • Ran into an adventuring party consisting of a man in strange armor and a single goblin.  The man, Citizen Rogers, was armed with a crowbar and strange weapons he called a ‘pistol’ and a ‘pulse rifle’.  The goblin was Redfang, a Goblin champion (now thief) formerly met by the village people (and Dante).  (See more below)
  • Found a room with twin tube chambers.  After clearing a fly out of one of them, Dante intimidated/charmed Barney into the chamber (causing his morale to drop by one) and Citizen Rogers figured out the controls.  A female clone of Barney, Barbie, a lvl 1 paladin, stepped out.  They gave her some clothes and a sword, and she immediately became a henchman of Dante. 
  • Found a room with a bed like tube.  After Lazarus volunteered by entering the tube, it slammed shut.  There were 10 buttons, but they only touched two:
    • One granted 60’ infravision
    • One opened the tube.

The party gave everyone infravision before moving on.

  • Found a room with a seductive woman in a protective circle.  She begged to be let free, but Dante and Dwimmersmite sensed she was evil, saw her true form and attacked.  The party made short work of her (with Dwimmmersmite) and managed to kill her before she could complete gating in a Balor demon. 
  • Lazarus saved the life of Redfang (somewhat reluctantly), after he was poisoned by phase spiders.
  • Killed the minotaur king and all of the minotaurs, taking his treasure and keys.
  • Found the last of the wererats and offered to cure them.  Lazarus was able to cure one of them immediately through use of Remove Curse, Cure Disease, and Bless. Two others joined the party to leave the dungeon and be cured.  The rest refused, and the party left. 
  • Dante went back to check on something, entered the room with the remaining wererats, and slayed them all in short order. 

The Lords of Law (Raiders) left the dungeon with the reformed wererats.  They convinced Citizen Rogers to come with them to re-provision, offering him free lodging in one of their apartments north of Old Muntburg.

The Tale of Citizen Rogers (with nods to Half-Life and ERB)

              Citizen Rogers was a simple physicist.  On his first day on the job at a government facility, there was an accident involving portals to another world.  After a long series of adventures, he found himself to be the hero of a revolt against the alien overlords of his home, the planet “Earth”.

              There were several people who choose to serve the new alien overlords.  They became the ‘combined’, humans enhanced through cybernetic enhancement and genetic manipulation.  One of the combine leaders managed to escape the overthrow of alien rule by leaping through a portal.  He ended up on Telluria, north of Dwimmermount.  He arrived around 400 years ago.  When he arrived, he found he had a connection with the divine power of law.  He dedicated himself to protecting the people of the Thulian Empire from chaotic threats (demons, undead, and eventually the Termaxians).

              A small cult grew around him.  Due to his strange armor (which was part of him), he became known as the Iron God.  His followers began to receive divine spells, not from him, but from the divine power of law he followed.  After Terms Termax’s apotheosis, he entered Dwimmmermount with a group of ardent followers in an attempt to end Terms’ rule.   That was the last anyone had ever heard from him.

              Meanwhile, the rebels on Earth started receiving automated downloads from the Iron God (using captured equipment).  Time passes differently on Telluria, as 400 years equaled only a month on Earth.  Citizen Rogers was troubled by the idea of the Combined enslaving another world.  He volunteered to travel to this new world and bring back the Iron God to face justice on Earth.

              Citizen Rogers ended up being immediately captured by the Warpig Tribe, a group of Orcs living in the lands north of Winterburg.  He had several adventures, eventually befriending a subchief, Agnar.  He bested the Chief and became the leader of the Warpigs.  He lead several tribes and took the City of Winterburg from a number of Ogre tribes led by a Balor (a powerful demon).  Citizen Rogers bested the demon and took the city.

              Citizen Rogers abdicated in favor of Agnar.  He saw in his friend more than a desire to lord over others.  Agnar promised to take care of not only the orc tribes, but also the remaining human families in the realm.  Citizen Rogers left Winterburg in search of the Iron God.  He ran into a group of goblin raiders.   After a short battle, he convinced the gang leader, Redfang, to join him on his quest.  Redfang brought Citizen Rogers into the dungeon using the newly dug goblin entrance to the Path of Mavors.

I like your explanation for the Iron God!

Is Law more powerful than Zeus, etc. in your campaign? It seems like it is, but I can't tell if that's just PC special sauce or game mechanical.


Is Law more powerful than Zeus, etc. in your campaign? It seems like it is, but I can't tell if that's just PC special sauce or game mechanical.




Technically 'Zeus' is an artifical intelligent satellite floating in orbit of Telluria created by the ancients.  I haven't really defined what 'the divine power of law' actually is yet but I guess it would be 'above' Zeus in a celestial heirarchy. 

Now the temples of Zeus don't know any of this, so SOME of them consider the worship of the divine power of law (and/or a god over the gods) as a cult.  I have decided that the Temples of Zeus are headquartered in a city state to the south and the inquisition are already in Muntburg (I'm still way behind in my campaign logs).  The temples in Volmar (who call themselves the Holy Thulian Empire) are all part of the Great Thulian Church, and part of a theocracy ruled by the Holy Thulain Emperor.  

Village People  - Campaign Activities (Late June through July 3rd)

While in Adamas, Keyser (AKA Eduardo) put out through various back channels that he was looking for a dead baby.  A meeting was arranged with a member of the Deathbringers, an assassin’s guild with links to the Termaxians.   Illyrio and Keyser met with the deathbringer.  After a darkly humorous exchange (in which the imp was an invisible participant) an agreement was made.  A baby would be ‘obtained’, tortured, and killed.  The skin would be dyed and made into a fashionable pirate style hat.   Half was paid up-front.  The sealed box would be delivered to Murray at Stocker Industries in Adamas in exchange for the remaining half of the cost.  Illyrio was silent but disgusted (and received a corruption point).  Keyser received 4 corruption points and the imp was VERY pleased. 

Illyrio’s henchman explorer Tuccia (along with her 2 sub-henchman) came back from their scouting of Winterburg.  They had a sketch of the city and reported hill giants living in the old temple, two distinct groups of orcs, and several riding boars.  They also went into the areas surrounding the town and spoke to several peasant families.  They reported two distinct orc tribes, the warpigs and the white hand.  The white hand were cruel overlords, while the warpigs were actually better than their prior human lords.

Keyser started planning for taking the town.  He created a 2nd character (giving all of his apartment properties to the Legate of Muntburg to boost his xp bank), a warlord named Farouk Maud’Dib.  He began hiring peasants and training them as soldiers.  Farouk eventually hired soldiers and a fighter bow marshal henchmen.  

Meanwhile, Illyrio had hired a matron to take care of his orphans, a sage to teach them to read and write common and high imperial and had Keyser’s thief henchman Shemp come over to train them ‘magic tricks’ (i.e. sleight of hand) to evaluate them for potential as thieves.  (He rolled up the stats and ages for each).

Dave ordered matching robes for all of his followers to wear, as well as custom clothing/armor for his henchmen.  He also purchased the common recipe for a healing potion from the Adamas church of Hera.  He managed to successfully make two potions and failed making two potions.

Tariq looked into making scrolls of dismember using the shadowstuff they took out of the dungeon.  He also researched some rations packs found in the flying ship. They not only were equal to one full days rations, they doubled the natural healing rate. He came up with a formula to replicate them, but required raw azoth to make them.  He also threw a huge party in Muntburg (in Keyser’s bar) to build up his xp bank, which he used to create a 2nd character, an elven ranger, who eventually went to Elphame (the elven realm to the north) to hire a henchman – an elven enchantress. 

Jace hired a fighter henchman as a meat shield (having previously hiring Jillian, a sage henchman specializing in ancient lizardman (Altrusian) culture).

Two more things

1) - Eduardo's henchmen Ukla had kept Barnabus Bannon the ne'er well corsair as his henchman.  He was killed in the expedition in which they found the flying boat.  After being risen in Adamas, he ended up as part baboon and part man (from a poor rool on the tampering with mortality table).  He dissapeared into the slums of Adamas, never to be seen again.

2) - No other memmber of the party is aware of the dead baby part of the pirate hat, and Dave hasn't yet figured out that Onde is a devil.  The imp stays invisible around him just in case.  


What character class are you using for "warlord" (great name btw)


One of the ones mentioned in the ACKs forums.  Here is the link:


which I stole and posted here:



Village People  - Expedition 10 – The Elder Skull

Village People:

  • Tariq the Harvester – Lvl 6 Mage (Necromancer) –Extremely short necromancer
  • Eduardo aka ‘Keyser Soze’ – Lvl 7 Thief (Cat Burglar) – budding tycoon
    <ul style="list-style-type:circle">
    	<li><strong>Ukla the Quick</strong> – Lvl 4 Barbarian (Pit Fighter) – fights with net and trident.</li>
    	<li><strong>Onde Vrazic</strong> – Familiar imp – Mimicry x2, Arcane Dabbling, Alertness</li>
  • Dave ‘the Pure’ Carrin – Lvl 6 Cleric (Hermit) of Hera –Wears custom made plate (with symbol of Hera) + magical +1 shield
    <ul style="list-style-type:circle">
    	<li><strong>Angela of Hera</strong> – Lvl 4 Cleric (proselytizer) –wears Plate and armed with a billhook</li>
    	<li><strong>Jane </strong>– Lvl 3 Swordmage (2<sup>nd</sup> PC for Dave’s player) – wears magical robes, armed with a sword</li>
  • Jace – Lvl 6 Mage (Elementalist) – quiet pyromaniac, wears robes with flames.
    <ul style="list-style-type:circle">
    	<li><strong>Nakai</strong> – Altrusian (ancient lizardman) Elder Skull</li>
    	<li><strong>Connor </strong>– Fighter and personal bodyguard/meatshield</li>
    	<li><strong>Jillian</strong> – Lvl 4 Sage and specialist in history and Altrusian culture.&nbsp;</li>
  • Illyrio Sicarus – Lvl 5 or 6 Assassin (Bravo) – Wears leather, armed with Swordbreaker - +2 sword

The party agreed to Jace’s demand to return Nakai, the talking skull of an ancient lizard man elder, to his home (Note: Practically speaking, Nakai is a treasure map, reskinned as a talking skull).  They took the flying boat, leaving in the early morning before dawn on July 1st.  The party had hired a captain and small crew, and the skull pointed the way.  They ran into a few flying creatures, but all of them wanted to avoid a fight.  They made it to the Northern Forest of Ur the same day, arriving over a small clearing in the canopy of the forest through which the ruins of a city and an ancient temple were visible.

The clearing was too small to safely land the ship.  After some discussion, Dave climbed on deck and used Control Plants to get the trees to move out of the way, providing a clear landing site.  The party saw the remains of several buildings being overrun by the forest, a large step temple, and a giant face carved into the side of a rock cropping converting a waterfall into a fountain. 

Nakai directed them to a large building to the west off the pyramid.  They fought a few giant tarantulas, Angela charming one into following her.  They entered a stairway into a room filled with a raised circular stone bowl filled with ashes.  In a box to the side was some dried wood.  Jace happily started a fire in the bowl and a door opened in the wall. The party entered into a another chammber with a raised platform filled with water and 4 hallways branching off. 

The party followed Nakia’s directions and entered a large vaulted room with a rectangular pit with stairs leading to the pit.  In the wall were carved alcoves, all but one containing a lizard man skull. At the end of the  room was an ornate stone sarcophagus with images of a jeweled lizard man.  When the party entered all of the skulls turned toward them and greeted Nakai.   Jace and Jillian spoke to them in Altrusian (ancient lizard man).  The sarcophagus opened, and a mummy exited!  It also spoke to Jace and Nakai.  The mummy identified herself as Rassmi, an ancient Altrusian queen.  She thanked the party for returning Nakai, forgiving their intrusion.  She cautioned them to avoid awakening the Powerful Lich-King across the hall.

Suddenly Angela and her spider were surprised as they were hit with several large spines as large as crossbow bolts!  The party was pinned down momentarily as they were bombarded by spines.  As the armored members of the party moved forward, whatever creatures were attacking also moved back.  Tariq managed to summon some zombie berserkers, which provided enough interference for the party to set up defensive positions in the hallway.  The creatures were manticores.   Illyrio, Ukla, and some more berserkers managed to get close enough to draw one of the manticores into melee.  That provided interference for the spell casters to each let loose with a lightning bolt and a fireball, which managed to finish them off (and damage parts of the manticore’s treasure hoard, lessening it’s value by several thousand GP value). The hallway led to the damaged nest with stairs leading up through the step pyramid

Using his astral helmet, Jace was able to see a source of magical energy 50’ away through the wall.  They searched the hallway until they found a secret door leading to a storage room containing crates of low value gems and crystals worth well over 10K gold in total.  There was also a intricately carved teak box.  It contained 2d6 Ioun stones (10) of random ability.

The party also discovered another secret door leading to a room with a large carved doorway on the wall (with no door).  Next to the doorway was a pedestal with a large grid filled with crystals and gems like the ones they had found.  There were murals on the walls of ornately dressed lizardmen stepping through a misty doorway.  The party took note but decided not to experiment with the pedestal.  The party took the loot back to the ship to identify the stones. 

The party managed to identify some of the stones, including two that increased CON and WIS by 1, a stone that absorbed level 1 through 3 spells and one that absorbed spells level 1 through 6!  The party decided to rest and with the power of the stones, disturb on the ancient Lich King’s rest!!!

The next day they went back to the tunnels under the ruins of the city.  They made their way to a room showing carvings of the Lizard King in battle and being offered sacrifices of enemies (appearing to be other lizardmen and goblins).  On the southern most wall was a bas relief of the Lizard King holding out a goblet, which extended from the wall.  The party decided that the goblet needed to be filled with the blood of a sentient.  Tariq volunteered, cutting himself to fill the cup (he was quickly healed by Dave and Angela). 

The relief swung open, revealing a sparse room with a stone throne, bordered with two braziers lit with magical flame.  On the throne sat the skeletal form of the Lizard Lich-King!  He wore a necklace with a huge ruby.  He raised his head and ordered the party in Altrusian to immediately leave or die!.  The party attacked.

The Lich-King moved very slowly, but as Illyrio and Ukla attacked, their weapons felt as though they were moving through molasses as they stuck him.  (Note: custom torpor spell, while under its affects, always last in initiative but ½ damage from all physical attacks (including magical attacks with physical elements, e.g. certain forms of magic missile)).  The lich cast a 5th level spell, but Illyrio’s stone absorbed it. 

Realizing that they had the Ioun stones (they were his stones after all), he changed his strategy.  He slashed Illyrio, and started casting protective spells. Illyrio managed to get successful acrobatics roll and backstab the creature.  With his AOE offensive spells effectively neutralized, and vastly outnumbered, the lich king cast trap the soul, placing his soul inside Ukla, and Ukla’s soul in the gem around his neck.  The next round, the body of the Lich-King was taken down.  Summoned berserkers immediately chopped it in half. 

Tariq, Dave and Jace put their heads together.  They knew that there must be a phylactery somewhere.  They ordered the berserkers to smash the gem on the necklace.  The lich (as Ukla) immediately attacked with surprise.  He was tackled by the party just as the gem was smashed, bringing his soul back into his body, and returning the lich to his body.  The body was torn to pieces before he could recover.

The party searched the room and found a hidden switch, allowing the heavy throne to move, revealing a small niche containing an ornately carved black opal box.  The bottom of the box had been carved out, leaving a heart shaped black opal as part of the bottom.  Fearing the lich would reform and seek revenge, Dave took the box, cast bless, and decided to take it to Bishop Johann of Death to make sure it was safe. 

The party took the remains of the necklace and flew back to town.    

Catching up  - 

Village People – Campaign activities Early July

The party brought the black onyx heart box to the Temple of Death in Muntburg where Bishop Johann was awaiting his henchman’s recovery before entering Dwimmermount to kill the vampire Cyrus once and for all.  Tariq REALLY wanted the box, but Johann confirmed that it was likely a phylactery, and that if it was not destroyed, the lich would come back to life.  He quickly whipped out a scroll and cast dispel evil. 

Before Tariq could react, he threw the box down to the ground, blasted it apart with his explosive weapon, smashed it with his ‘sword of light’, poured oil on it, and cast flame strike.  While the party sat in stunned silence, he asked his follower to get some holy water.   Johan told him to wait until the fire burned out, mix the ashes and remains with holy water, and then bury them at a crossroads.  He looked at the party and in a calm voice stated, “just to be sure”.   

(Note: due to the delay in the write-ups, the exact timing of some of these activities might be off.  I only track the completion dates, not the start dates in the campaign calendar)

Eduardo sent Ukla to Adamas, where he hired a war mage henchman (who just left the war college due to a romantic tryst).  Farouk also hired a blacksmith, some apprentices, and more troops. The party had previously built a boathouse to hide the boat, along with some long houses for barracks, and a cottage for Delwyn.  They paid the standard 10% fee to the Legate. 

Illyrio had hired two spies to watch the entrance path to Dwimmermount prior to their trip to return the skull home.  They reported that they saw a few patrols come and go into some ruined fortifications built on the winding road to the red doors of Dwimmermount.   Dave ‘hired’ two owls (by promising them fresh mice) to watch the area, and Illyrio paid the spies a bonus and asked them to keep it up. 

The party decided to tackle the eld.  Illyrio had Murray find and purchase him 2 potions of detect invisibility (the max number available) and a potion of true seeing in Adamas.    They gathered some of their henchman and traveled to Dwimmermount.