Dwimmermount - That's All He Wrote!

Friends, this evening I penned the last paragraph of ACKS Dwimmermount. With LL Dwimmermount written and ready for print, the map book finished, and the megadungeon tracker under way, that means my work - outside of routine project management - is done.

I am very, very proud of how Dwimmermount - both versions - turned out, and I hope it joins the canon of great OSR megadungeons.

And boy will I be glad to work on Lairs & Encounters, Guns at War, Sinister Stone of Sakkara, Secrets of the Undercity, Heroic Companion, and Auran Empire, finally!!!

Good job!

As someone who found Autarch after all that went down, I’m glad too :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Alex! Good on you for making that happen after the project’s troubled history. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Are you at liberty to state what percent of future sales of the ACKs version will go to you? I am starved for ACKs content, so I am contemplating buying it… but I don’t want to encourage this particular venture to ever take precedence over your own unique works.

Awesome and congratulations Alex! How does a non-kickstarter individual to get a copy? It would be very nice to have an adventure written with ACKS rules in mind.

You are very kind to make such a calculus!

At present Dwimmermount is a money-loser for us, so to make a profit at all we will need to sell additional copies.

We do owe Mr. Malizewski a royalty on sales, but it does not kick-in until after his advance is earned-out. His advance was of sufficient size that unless the product becomes quite a best-seller this is unlikely to impact much.

Alright, helping you guys cut your losses sounds like a worthy purchase.

I play almost exclusively digitally so PDF is my preferred format. Will PDFs be available, or only a book? If it’s only a book, will there be any for sale at GenCon?

It will be available on DTRPG at month’s end. It will be available in retail stores via Studio Two this October/November.

For all of those folks wanting a giant ACKS adventure or just plain more ACKS product, I would highly recommend picking up Dwimmermount. The project and its use as a general font of gaming fun is huge. Alex’s and Tavis’ hands are really evident in it’s design & presentation in addition to James’.
I am an official Autarch minion so you don’t have to believe me, but I have to say that the totality of the book is something unseen in the OSR despite the prior bad mojo.

-Dungeon Tracking Chris

I’m in for a copy once it shows up. No hesitation.

Over two years ago, I foolhardily leaped into combining ACKS, Dwimmermount and the Known World/Mystara. The three go together very well. I used the backer drafts for (Labyrinth Lord) Dwimmermount, converting to ACKS as needed.

The final LL Dwimmermount and nearing final ACKS Dwimmermount are an absolute beauty and joy!

Congratulations to all involved, and especially Alex, for a tremendous job well-done!!

I would not be playing ACKS were it not for Dwimmermount; I am pleased that it is finally done (though I’ve been running it for a year now ^_^)

So, the ACKS product - I was poking around at old links and the KS page.

I take it the surrounding settlements and such (Muntburg?) will be ACKS-ified and whatnot? To what level? Trade modifiers and such? Stronghold values/composition, garrison numbers and types?

IIRC, it’s using the old Outdoor Survival map?

I am continually wanting to pry more out of ACKS, I’m moving to the position that Dwimmermount, as a smaller scale than what would presumably be in the Auran Empire book, would be a good reference for what I’ve been setting up for my own use (and stuff I’ve been converting to ACKS for the heck of it). Plus it’s almost available.

The PDF product is the book and a map?

In the ACKS version you get detailed domain characteristics for the entire realm of Adamas (which includes Muntburg), as well as top-level summaries of every named settlement (# of families, income, stronghold value, market class, etc.) and complete demand modifiers and trade routes for the entire region.

I’m going to buy Dwimmermount and then rip it apart, never speaking the name Dwimmermount, but copying wholesale various portions of the dungeon and surrounding environs whenever I don’t feel like mapping or statting something. My players will never know the meticulous detail isn’t mine unless they click this thread

That sounds like a plan.

Hi Autarchs. I just visited DriveThruRPG to see if this was available yet… and it is… but only the LL version. Is the ACKS version pending?


Woot! Woot!

I am eagerly awaiting the ACKS version. Any new information on when it will be available would be great. (Given that we are a couple weeks past “end of august” now.)