Estimated number of supers

Is there an estimate for how many supers there are?  I notice that Aurora is "among the top 20 most powerful supers on the planet", and I'm presuming that the model looks somewhat like a pyramid, with fewer supers up on the top and roughly one in 50 thousand being "mundane supers", with maybe a rank or two of superpowers but still within the 200-400 point "normal" field, such as:

Janibot, the robot janitor/housekeeper

Burnproof, the firefighter with a resistance to flame

Iron Sarge, an infantry sargeant who is partially bullet-resistant

Janos Rozeschkin, the fish-boy of Chernobyl

And about two dozen or so other ideas that I wouldn't want to play in an actual superhero game.

But - before I rope myself into an expansion book nobody wants to see, my point is that 7.8 billion (Earth population) divided by 50k gives a whopping number of 156 thousand gifted individuals (or maybe this is the number of potentials).  This is just among the humans, and doesn't account for the number of super-animals.  

OR, put another way, at this level even a small area like Huntsville, Alabama (roughly 180k) has three, maybe four talented individuals.  Clearly, too many supers unless every major city has its own super-group.  

The rules have a breakdown giving the estimated number of people by their CP values, to the point that all 7.something billion of us are included :slight_smile: .

Good to know that Autarch is continuing to think on these things, looking forward to rules releases even more now.