Expanded Mortal Wounds Table - v 1.1

Had to make a new topic for this because I’m having trouble once more responding on certain posts. Maybe it’s just an issue with my own topics. In any case, here’s the updated table, which incorporates result changes based upon feedback from Koewn.


So awesome! You have no idea how fired up this makes me. When we made the original chart, we hoped a 1,000 mortal wounds would flourish.

Ha. There’s only 206 bones, maybe 300 useful-for-wounding muscles…I’m not sure how you’d fill that out.

There’s only so many ways you can ruin genitals, even for ACKS :wink:


I’ll have this handy when we play the 28th. I “hope” we “don’t” get to use it. But there’s gonna be skittering maws, so, hey.

Result 91-95,1 - the roll two results - yikes. That’s take both, yes?

There are also organs to bruise or puncture, joints to dislocate, tendons and ligaments to tear…

Ohh! I really like the “weapon/shield absorbed the blow” result. That’s an AWESOME one!

So, I happily…gladly…with maniacal laughter…no. Sadly? Sadly!

Yes. Sadly, I got to use this last night.

The thief, after extricating himself with a miraculous roll out of being cornered by a couple skeletons and revenants, gets blasted by a Cone of Cold.

Continuing his luck for the round, he’s at exactly zero HP.


+20 if HP exactly zero.
+16 for treatment; a Cure Moderate was used with a trained healer
+8 for timing, he ended up next to the shaman when the round rolled over, she declared she’d be CMW’ing him
+8 for CON, it’s his high stat.

So +52 on the roll. Rolls a 19, for a 71; and a 6 on the horizontal.

Now he knows what it feels like to be ran over by a flurry of snowmen.

This would have been a +13 bonus on the original table; and he would have rolled a “3” on the d20 to get in this same row - the ‘You’re in shock’ recovery level.

great thanks!

great thanks!