Expanded Mortal Wounds table

Because the Mortal Wounds table gets rolled on quite a bit in my campaign, there are a lot of duplicate results that the characters receive. In order to alleviate this a bit, and keep myself from having to make stuff up on the fly, I created an expanded Mortal Wounds table.

I needed to adjust the d20 roll to be a d100. In doing so, I multiplied the modifiers accordingly.

This is the first iterative pass. Constructive feedback welcome.


Ooh, that’s fun.

I like the “loss of item/weapon/shield” results, as well as all the calls to helm/shield use. It gives the combat a real dynamic feel; a lot more metal-on-metal clashing.

I wonder if a “lose item or take some damage to your armor, reducing AC until an armorer looks at it” choices might be interesting, give the armor-wearing classes a tough choice.

Are they all lined up, column-wise, on body hit locations?

I can’t find the thread for the life of me, but I could have sworn there had been some discussion about how the column d6 roll lined up to general body hit area, something like

6: Lower face/head
5: Upper face/head
4: Legs, feet
3: Arms, hands, shoulders
2: Lower torso, hips
1: Upper torso/chest, neck, head

So the collar bone result on 4,71-75 may be better in column 3 or 1.

The extra choices make Savage Resilience a lot more useful, I think, since you’ve got a greater resolution in results, the reroll should be more valuable on the larger table.

YES! At last.

Tavis has been waiting for YEARS since ACKS was released for someone to add more mortal wounds to the mortal wound table. He’ll be so excited when he sees this.

:slight_smile: Hope you guys find it useful.

One of the things that I’m planning to do this weekend is to incorporate feedback into version 1.1 of the table.