Sitting down at the game table and the DM has his panties in a bunch because he doesn't remember the rules for Familiars.  I don't know where I read it but the familiars go off of the Player's Companion book for the Shaman table so they would get the bonus feat correct?

From https://github.com/jhhoffmann/ACKS_SRD/blob/master/Chapter04.md#chapter-4-proficiencies :

Familiar: The character gains a familiar, a magical animal companion. The familiar will be a creature appropriate to the character’s alignment and other powers (as determined by the Judge). The familiar always has a number of Hit Dice and maximum hit points equal to 1/2 its master’s own; Intelligence equal to its master’s Intelligence; and a number of general and class proficiencies equal to its masters, selected from its master’s class list. The familiar can always understand any languages spoken by its master, and the character will be able to understand the familiar’s speech, though no one else will without resorting to speak with animals. The familiar is utterly loyal to its master and will fight for him, perform services, and generally obey his commands. While the familiar is within 30’, the character receives +1 on saving throws, but if the familiar is ever killed, the character must save versus Death or instantly take damage equal to the familiar’s maximum total hit points. A character does not gain a new familiar if it is slain until he has gained a level of experience.

So no, nothing about bonus feats. That’s shaman-specific.

"There are stats for common animals in the Player's Companion under Shaman. The rules for Familiars probably need to be re-written completely in light of Lairs & Encounters but I haven't done so yet.'

that is from a private message from Alex regarding familiars, I don't have Lairs and Encounters yet, what does that book say on familiars?