Fighter domain endgame

those are in chapter 3 of the core rulebook, page 51. they’re the monthly wages of an NPC of a particular level.

The other number, 8100/cost, is from D@W campaigns. It’s the method for calculating the availability of an “exotic” troop. 8100/cost was for a kingdom.

Again, that’s just me making a guess at how one might know how many henchmen are available across the realm. I have no idea if such numbers are actually balanced.

Ah, that makes sense, since we were discussing hench prices. I’d thought for a second that you’d done the BR math to figure out the D@W wages for levelled characters.

I have an idea for fighters endgame: elite units, at level 10 fighters can train veteran units into elite units (units composed of level 2 fighters), at level 12 their elite unit can be trained to level 3 and at level 14 trained to level 4. a fighter cant have more than one elite unit at a time. training cost the same gold that it would costo to bring a character to that level for every soldier.

I have been toying with the idea of making fighters the only domain owners. Clerics, thieves and mages operate within a fighters realm. This way the party has real reason to stay together. Thus collects tithes and fighters collect taxes. Wizards build a tower at the edge of the fighters domain and thieves build guilds in the fighter’s city.

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Sounds interesting! Let us know how it plays out if you try it.