Finally got to run a game!

We’ve had the PDFs for a while and picked up the hardbacks at Gen Con. I also picked up an OSR module to run their beginning characters through. Fun was had by all and the game played great our first time out with these level one folks.

Now in the module itself it called for Chaotic elves living in the sewer. Because I was adapting a 1e module I decided to swap the elves out for halflings. Then I also decided to note that these little monstrous fellows were eating a fallen bandit that had been noted in the adventure’s backstory. Well, my players snatched that and ran with it.

So now our shared development sandbox world has a group called Cannibal Halfling Underground Denizens - or CHUD for short. :slight_smile:

Given the developers “love” for the short fellows we thought they might get a kick out of it.

Well, thanks again for a great set of rules and I am looking forward to my next game this Saturday. I best get back to writing the dungeon they plan to explore.

Damn, I also bought the hardcover and was thinking about getting some kind of adventure to pull from, but I wasn’t sure what was compatible with what. What module did you buy?

Jard, I picked up What Lurks Below. It was a 1e module made for beginning characters. To say that the module was only generous with magic items would be a massive understatement. I would think any OSR module would work for you. I just noted an AC equivalence chart down (AC 9 = 0, AC 8 = 1, AC 7 = 2, etc) and I used the monster’s HD as their attack bonus. At low levels that works close enough.