Forum functionality: ignore user or mark read

I gave a few too many minutes out of my life to I Run With Scissors recently.

Either one of the following two common forum functions would please me no end:

  1. The ability to ignore a list of users. I would never see their posts, and their posts would not cause any “new” or “updated” messages in any threads. I’d still see replies to them, but honestly, that’s a lot easier for me to ignore.

  2. The ability to mark a thread as “read” without opening it. This is the poor man’s second-hand choice, but it would still give me the distance I need to not get sucked in to someone spoiling for a fight.

I know this being a fast thing or a soon thing or a now thing isn’t really possible, but I thought I would put it out there.

Not to jump on your bandwagon, so to speak, but those would be great along with the ability to edit replies. Sometimes my fingers don’t work as well as the the sentences forming inside my head.

Given that this seems to be a Drupal site, it looks like is available. I’m not sure which version of Drupal you’re using - might be a bug in the D7 branch that has a patch here: I’m not really familiar with the module, though.

No kidding, those would be nice additions to the forum. I also hope that dude’s forum name is true to life…

Somewhat related: is it possible to receive a PM if there are new or uploaded Downloads in the Downloads section of the site?