Gen Con 2011: Continuous Play Adventurer Conqueror King Demo

Autarch has booked a penthouse suite in one of the hotels connected to the Indianapolis Convention Center. Throughout all four days of Gen Con 2011 - and for as late into the night as everyone's stamina will allow - we will be running an ongoing session of Adventurer Conqueror King. Designers Tavis Allison, Alexander Macris, and Greg Tito will take turns as referees. Players will include supporters of our Kickstarter effort, to show our thanks; journalists and bloggers, to spread the word; and our friends in and out of the gaming industry whose roleplaying skills we can count on to make the game more fun for everyone.

This will be an open-table game in which players can drop in and out as their busy convention schedules allow. In addition to showcasing the new Adventurer Conqueror King system, the event also displays the expertise in creating successful casual-entry roleplaying events we've picked up through our participation in the Tower of Gygax, the open campaigns of the New York Red Box group, and Adventuring Parties LLC's bachelor and birthday parties.