Gen Con 2012

This is a thread to talk about plans for the best four days in gaming!


1) Who is going? Reply here if you expect to be in Indy this summer.


2) Would you be interested in participating in another constant-play ACKS mini-campaign like we did at GC '11? We'd need both players and Judges to make this work, given that Alex (who bore the brunt of the judging last year) may not be able to make it.


3) I finagled myself into being named an Industry Insider Guest of Honor at Gen Con, a deal in which they give me some space in the program book (which I'll use to promote ACKS, and invite folks to a constant-play game if such comes to pass) in exchange for my setting up some panels and workshops. What kinds of things would you like to see? (I'd want to record these even for the people who can't be there in person.) Maybe a workshop on world-building where we go through the process of making an ACKS sandbox together?

I’ll be there.

I’m certainly interested ACKS - but I’m unfamiliar with the “constant-play”. Where can I find out more about that?