Genetic Makeup of Auran Beastmen and Their Relations

They have roots with Humans, Trolls, Dwarves, Elves, Bears, Dogs, and Giant Lizards.
Gnomes are 1/2 Dwarf, and 1/2 Elf.
Gnolls are 1/2 Troll, 1/4 Dwarf, and 1/4 Elf.
Goblins are 5/8 Dwarf, 1/4 Troll, and 1/8 Elf.
Hobgoblins are 1/2 Human, 5/16 Dwarf, 1/8 Troll, and 1/16 Elf.
Bugbears are 1/2 Bear, 1/4 human, 5/32 Dwarf, 1/16 Troll, and 1/32 Elf.
Throghrin are 9/24 Troll, 1/3 Ghoul, 1/6 Human, 5/48 Dwarf, and 1/48 Elf, but not undead, so they are presumably 1/2 human, 9/24 Troll, 5/48 Dwarf and 1/48 Elf.
Lizardmen are 1/2 Human, and 1/2 giant lizard.
Kobolds are 1/2 dog, 1/4 Human, and 1/4 giant lizard.
Things I’m entertained by as I wait for the storm.

I know there was something in an old D&D product about gnolls being half gnome, half troll - a notion that never sat quite right with me. I could never figure out how a big rubbery green thing and a little brown dwarf guy could combined and produce a hyena-man, but apparently in OD&D it wasn’t yet entirely clear that gnolls were hyena people.
ACKS likewise describes gnolls as a crossbreed between trolls and gnomes, and there’s a mention of fur, but it’s not clear if they’re hyenas. If they are, I’m having a hard time figuring out how that could be the case (and how goblins come out looking the way they do, being dwarf/gnoll crossbreeds).
So… gnolls: hyena people or not?

A few others:
Halflings are 1/2 men and 1/2 dwarf (the worst parts of each ;).
Orcs are 1/2 men and 1/2 wild boar.
Ogres are 1/2 men and 1/2 carnivorous ape.
Troglodytes are 1/4 human, 1/4 giant lizard, and 1/2 giant chameleon.
Trolls are 1/2 ogre and 1/2 regenerating hydra.
Which means:
Gnoll - 1/8 Man, 1/8 Ape, 1/4 Hydra, 1/4 Dwarf, 1/4 Elf
Goblin - 5/8 Dwarf, 1/8 Ogre, 1/8 Hydra, 1/8 Elf
Hobgoblin - 9/17 Human, 5/16 Dwarf, 1/16 Ape, 1/16 Hydra, 2/16 Elf
Bugbear - 1/2 Bear, 1/4 Human, 5/32 Dwarf, 1/32 Ogre, 1/32 Hydra, 1/8 Elf
The kobolds were my attempt to explain why kobolds are always described as being both lizard-like and dog-like.
For gnolls I went with gnome-troll rather than hyena-man, because that was the original B/X description. But I imagine the hydra + ape mix could give the right “look”.
There was some attempt on my part to make the humanoids that have a reputation for being more intelligent have more human, dwarf, and elf components. So Hobgoblins, which are smart, have a very limited bestial component.

Also, keep in mind that the genetic mix doesn’t necessarily mean that the creature looks exactly like that proportion. Magical crossbreeding can let any number of odd appearances result.
For example, Goblins stand 3’ to 3 ½’ tall, with surprisingly strong, wiry builds. Their eyes are usually dull and glazed, varying in color from red to yellow, and sometimes flicker red in the dark. Goblins’ skin color ranges from yellow through any shade of orange to a deep red; usually all members of a single tribe are about the same color.
I imagine them as having gotten their height from the dwarf/elf mix, with dwarven strength mixing with elven litheness to give the wiry build. A dose of ogre gives them dull, glazed eyes and a brutish cast to their faces. The red eyes and yellow-orange skin color comes from the hydra blood.

If a mage decided to crossbreed an Elf and a Dwarf, would they get a Gnome as the output? Could they get a Gnome as they output? Would a non-Gnome result be able to breed with a Gnome because of the shared parentage?
I also spotted what looks like a typo in the text
“Type: All crossbreeds are fantastic creatures. They may also be beastmen, enchanted creatures, giant humanoids, humanoids, oozes, or vermin, depending on their progenitors (Judge’s discretion). Whatever their type, crossbreeds heal naturally, and may reproduce with others of their breed. If they still closely remember one of their progenitors, they may breed with them as well.”
Should that be resemble?

Yes, yes it should be “resemble” one of their progenitors. Thanks for the fix!
The Elf-Dwarf crossbreeding that created Gnomes happened in the distance past, and Gnomes have evolved since they were originally created - for instance, they have 90’ infravision, which neither Elves nor Dwarves have. So you couldn’t get a Gnome today by cross-breeding an Elf and a Dwarf. Cosmetically the outcome would probably resemble a Gnome, though.

Because my own campaign world has some shenanigans going on with the various races, I’ve been thinking about this thread a little bit. To help me frame my own thoughts I’ve created a Visio diagram showing the relationship between the various crossbreed races and their progenitors. I thought it might be worth sharing as a reference:

If you want any amendments just give me a shout and I can update, or sling you the original visio file.

James, that's awesome! I'm printing it right now and am going to tape it up on my wall. Because it's awesome.

Thanks Alex, that’s very kind :slight_smile:

I’ve also worked out my own chart (Had to do the default first so I could play) for my own game, which I’d welcome comments on - for anything that is obviously really jarring, or just weird.

For reference, Thurians are Nobirans, and I’ve gone with a Hyena/Jackal man for the Gnoll instead of the Gnome Troll hybrid. Some other fundamental changes there as well. See for yourselves here:

And a note to DaveJ who I know is on the forums… please don’t look it’ll only spoil the surprises later :wink: