Goblin class for LL and ACKS, also infravision for dwarves/elves

Are we getting a goblin class (or classes) as part of Dwimmermount?

Also, as far as the ACKs version is concerned, it seems the assumptions about infravision in DM does not work well with ACKs dwarves and elves who lack infravision. Any solution on the table?

Yes, we will present the Goblin class for LL posted on Grognardia in that version, and do one using the Player’s Companion for ACKS.

In the ACKS version we’ll give the option of treating “Dwimmermount dwarves” (and elves) as separate from the familiar ones, and use the PC again to build these including infravision.

This still planned? I haven’t seen it referenced in any draft document, or discussion.

I’m still evaluating this. I want to offer the best possible product to our backers but lateness is such an issue that I am forced to make hard choices.

In the spirit of this project being open content maybe we should crowdsource building the new classes for the ACKS version? Let people submit their versions using the ACKS Players Companion rules, then you can pick the winner and/or combine elements from the ones you like best? It could take some of the burden off of you (of course if there are a lot of submissions it could make it more difficult to choose!) and would be kind of cool I think. Maybe give the “winner(s)” a small credit somewhere in the book?

now that’s an excellent idea…

Did crowd sourcing the goblin class get anywhere?

One of my players has a goblin retainer. Here’s the rules I’ve been using:

Prime Requisites: Dex & Con
Hit Dice: d6
Damage bonus, Cleaves, Attack and Saving Throws all as Fighter. (One trade-off for Broad Weapon Selection, used to raise maximum level.)
Can wear any armor. Can use shields, two weapons, and one-handed weapons with two hands.
Weapon Selection: one-handed melee weapons, short bow, net, crossbow, sling, darts.
Thief abilities: Backstab, Remove Traps, and Spot Traps.
Other Racial Abilities: Detect Hidden & Secret Doors with 8+ on d20 when actually searching or 14+ with casual inspection. Infravision 60’. +4 to saving throws vs poison/death.

2000XP required for 2nd level, 120,000XP required for each level past 9th. Max Level 14th.

I haven’t put together domain rules; I’d probably use the Elf/Dwarf rules as guidelines rather than the Thief rules.

I also don’t have an actual proficiency list; it would pull from the Fighter, Explorer, and Thief lists, with a few unique proficiencies for flavor. (I use “City State of the Invincible Overlord” for Adamas so I’d love to see Goblins have access to a Tunneling proficiency of some kind.)

Here’s my version: