Goblinoids and infravision

I've been taking notes on some monsters for ease of use and I noticed an oddity. Where as goblins come with "-1 to-hit in sunlight, 90' infravision" due to being "subterrean", Orcs get the same "subterrean" description but only the to-hit penalty, not infravision. This didn't feel right so I thought about it for a moment and then remembered that Axioms #2 had few playable monster write-ups.

Sure enough there are orcs there and they have 60' infravision.

And hey Bugbears are there with 60' infravision (but no sunlight penalty), which they don't have in core writeup either.

Which in turn makes me wonder about Hobgoblins (which don't have Axioms writeup for reference).

So what it should be - do Orcs and Bugbears see in dark or not? And what about poor Hob(o)s? Do they have infravision or did Zaharans breed it out of them?

Edit: As a funny sidenote:

> Orcs prefer to fight with scimitars, spears, flails, axes, spears, (...)

Orcs seem to really love spears :D

You've overlooked a line on page 149 of the ACKS core rules that states "It is assumed that all monsters, except humans and demi-humans, have infravision of 60'." The core rules therefore omit infravision from most monster descriptions.

Granted, this does result in the odd situation that monsters who don't have infravision often aren't expressly called out as not having infravision if the fact that they don't have it is mentioned elsewhere. The entries for Men, Dwarves and Elves are the obvious stand-outs here... I keep worrying I'll accidentally give infravision to something that's not supposed to have it.

Ah... indeed I did miss that note. Damn, that's a whole lot more infravision going around than I'd expect D:

[quote="Malek Deneith"] Orcs seem to really love spears :D [/quote]

Who doesn't?


Who doesn't?


People in front of the pointy end? ;)