gSheet Character Sheet

Some of you may find this useful.

My preference is for Excel, but I've found that I inevitably loose access to up-to-date versions of such sheets, a problem that should be far less likely to occur with a shared google sheet.

This sheet is designed to autocalculate pretty much everything it can, which does make it less useful to anyone not running with the exact same set of rules that I am. However, anyone with reasonable spreadsheet skills should be able to tweak it to their needs, if so inclined.

Where this sheet differs from the default rules:

  • All of the main and PC classes are included, except for Zaharan Ruingard, Thrassian Gladiator.and Nobiran Wonderworker.
  • All partical casters use the improved Arcane progression from Axioms.
  • The Elven Ranger gets Elf 1.
  • My Gnomish Warden and Gnomish Bulwark are included.
  • Reaction¬†modifiers use the original B/X scale (+2 at 18).
  • Initiative mod is +1 at 16 and +2 at 18.
  • Ascending to-hit bonuses, ascending AC starting at 10.
  • By the book, Assassins and Nightblades gain some additional XP smoothing at lower levels. I've disregarded this.
  • Spears give a -1 Initiative mod
  • Bribery has been removed (and replaced, where it appear in a class proficiency list).
  • I'm using Venturer v3.
  • "Detect Secret Doors on Casual Inspection" has become "Detect Concealed (on causual inspection)"
  • Backstab/Ambush gives additional d6 damage, instead of a multiplier.

Features Still In Progress

  • Permanent injury tracker has no effect