Guns of War Sneak Peak Typos

In the Guns of War Introduction, it is mentioned that the Battle of Carignola was in 1053. Wikipedia suggests that the correct year was 1503.

Thanks! It should be the Battle of Cerignola, which did indeed occur in 1503.

Yeah, I did manage to mispell the name. My bad.

The Base Morale by Pike and Shot Troop Type has morale entries for dwarven pikemen and swordsmen. Neither of those troop types are described in the later tables.

The Qualifying Number (Per 120 Conscripts) has an entry for dwarven swordsmen, and is missing an entry for dwarven armored pikemen. Dwarven swordsmen don't exist, and dwarven armored pikemen do.

The Demi-Lancer, Elven Demi-Lancer, and Hobgoblin Demi-Lancer are armed with a "flintlock pistol sword" instead of two weapons ("flintlock pistol, sword") due to missing commas.

Page 39 has a section titled Gunarea Damage, which should be Gun Area Damage. The footer on page 40 also says GunArea Damage.

There are still quite a few (p.xx) references hanging around:

Page 9 has two of them in the second paragraph.

Page 11 has one in Craft (Gunsmith). Page 12 has two in Craft (Pyrotechnics).

Page 16 has one in Daily/Weekly Movement and one in the first bullet of Attacking with Gunpowder Artillery.

Page 19 has one in Gunpowder Artillery Duels.

Page 21 has one in Sieges Simplified.

Page 31 has five in the Mounted Foot section.

Page 32 has four in Army Formations in the Pike and Shot Age.

Page 36 has one in Artillery Movement.

Page 39 has one in Line of Sight and one in Gunarea Damage.

Page 40 has two in Damage vs. Heroes.

Page 44 has one in Calculating Battle Rating and Cost of Firearms-Equipped Units.

On page 53, the note about gonzo settings and the section on magical gunpowder both have a (p.xx) reference.

There's another one on page 55 in the Steampunk 2020 BC Memorial Rule. The last one is in Grimm's example on the same page.


Page 44: The misfire rate is stated to be 0.8 for flintlocks and 0.9 for other firearms. This should be 0.9 for flintlocks and 0.8 for other firearms. As written, flintlocks are slower to fire than other firearms, instead of faster. The examples are correct - example #1 uses 0.9 for flintlocks and example #2 uses 0.8 for a matchlock.

I have a list and also some questions. Questions first.

Pages 10-11 tell how to determine your reload time, what happens if you get it down to (or below) 0? With high Dex, apostles, and Fighting Style (Firearms), it’s possible to get reload time to 0 or lower.

Misfires (page 38) reduce the unit’s UHP by half, is this current HP, or is it supposed to be half of maximum HP? (I vaguely remember some discussion about this in the past but don’t remember what the result of it was).


Introduction (page 5): LoTFP is acrynymed as LoFTP.

Page 10, Firearm Characteristics: No ranges are italicized, though the text says that the ranges at which armor pen is granted are italicized.

Page 11: The Firearms Fighting Style table is titled Firearm Proficiencies.

Page 13: On the Gunpowder Artillery table, Stone Shot for the mortars has no cost listed (not even 0 GP or a hyphen, I’m not sure if it’s free or not).

Page 16, Artillery Type table: The font size for column headers seems inconsistent. (Limber in particular is noticeably smaller, but I think overall it gets smaller from left to right.)

Page 17, Example #2: The 2d6 roll seems to be missing a semicolon or some other piece of punctuation. (Side note: Wow, this page has some weak 6d10 rolls in its examples.)

Page 19: “otherwise must make a successful attack throw” seems like it’s missing a ‘they’ or similar pronoun.

Page 26: Undrilled Conscripts/Militia have no HD entry.

Page 27: The font for Dwarven Matchlock Arquebusiers in the Troop Type column seems larger than the others.

Page 28: Kobold troops have no HD entry.

Page 29: Gnoll Matchlock Arquebusiers seem to have an inconsistent font size as well.

Page 31: Variable Deployment example, “they have lost a total of 7/12uhp” missing space. Also, a sentence later, “have lost (7/12 6) 3.5 uhp”, I’m not sure what the 6 is doing there.

Page 38: Gunpowder Artillery Attack Procedure, uses “ship” instead of continuing with “structure”.

Page 39: Gun Area damage example, the range modifier is missing a - preceding it. (It’s listed as space 4 instead of minus 4.)

Page 40: The damage to units and enfilade fire examples reference light trebuchets and medium catapults, instead of gunpowder artillery. (By looking up the damage numbers on the table, both of these are actually referring to 24-pd mortars.) In addition, the enfilade fire example is actually the first unit damage example after the first sentence.

Page 43: This page is missing a page number on the bottom. I found this out when trying to note it down after noticing that the example #3 ends with “and its movement is either FM.” The table for 180’ cavalry lance also has an extra space after FM in its parentheses (FM ) instead of (FM).

Page 44: I had to look this up but wikipedia claims that the plural of arquebus is arquebuses. Example #1 says “A unit of 120 Drilled Foot are equipped with flintlock arquebus.” Example #2 also says “is equipped with matchlock musket”. I’m not actually sure how right or wrong each of these is, but it seemed odd to my brain so I thought I’d mention it.

Page 47: The Total Cost entry for Dragoons is missing. In addition, the Unit HD for conscripts is also missing.

Page 48: Kobolds have no Unit HD listed. In addition, hobgoblin units from hussar up through demi-lancer have no attacks listed.

Page 54: Dwarven Gunpowder, the example is missing an x for “manufactured at [x]5 normal price”. Also, the time calculation in the example says “8,000 gp-days/1,0000 gp”; while impressively mathematically accurate to units, this took me a second to figure out (and also, the extra zero in the denominator).

edit: Forgot one.

Page 55: Building guns as automatons: Building the piece as a mortar says both that it counts as one special ability and that it does not count as a special ability.

edit: Also on page 55: The list of steps to make a gun as an automaton goes from 4-11, instead of starting at 1.

[quote="Aryxymaraki"] Page 54: Dwarven Gunpowder, the example is missing an x for "manufactured at [x]5 normal price". Also, the time calculation in the example says "8,000 gp-days/1,0000 gp"; while impressively mathematically accurate to units, this took me a second to figure out (and also, the extra zero in the denominator). [/quote] A couple other things in the example don't make sense. The multiplier is presumably x5, but the price is only doubled (from 4k to 8k). Also, the throw starts at 6+ and is modified by 2 for the (8000) gp cost, but it goes to 10+ (note that 10+ is correct if the x5 modifier is used and the cannon costs 20,000 gp, but that creates new errors). Grimm is noted as getting +1 from his workshop and +1 from materials, which modifies the throw to 6+. This is correct if it's an 8,000 gp cost, but it should be 8+ if 20,000. Finally, the time calculation is correct if 8,000, but should be 27 days if 20,000.


> edit: Also on page 55: The list of steps to make a gun as an automaton goes from 4-11, instead of starting at 1. And every sub-step under 11 is sub-step a. All four of them.

Okay, it looks like there is actually a round of edits that are not yet incorporated into the released draft. I think it was a timing issue with when I provided them versus when the PDF was cut (and how much more time-consuming editing a document is at the PDF stage). Nevertheless, thanks for the input, and I'll try and make sure that everything you're listing here is covered.