Halfling Burglar

I read the rules for the Halfling classes in the Heroic Fantasy Handbook. Levels above 8th should be 75,000 for a Halfling with the Thief progression (100,000 minus 25,000 for being a Halfling). The Halfling Burglar needs 80,000 for 8th level and 155,000 for 9th level, which is consistent with the rules (i.e., a 75,000 point increase over 8th level).

However, to reach 10th level it costs 235,000. This is an increase of 80,000 XP over 9th level. Shouldn’t it be 230,000? Unless I’m missing something.

Thanks for answering!

That looks like an error. I think I had originally doubled 80,000 to get 160,000 for 9th level, then went back and fixed that to the correct amount but failed to fix it in the rest of the levels.