Halfling Divine Ceremonialist and General Shenanigans

I am not sure if others have noticed this but there is an interesting problem with a halfling 0 divine ceremonialist 4 class in Heroic Fantasy. Namely, divine ceremonialist 4 costs 400 points and halfling 0 costs -450. I think this creates a negative xp progression. 

level/exp requirement

1: -50

2: -100

3: -200

4: -400

5: -800

6: -1600

7: -3200

8: -6400

Of course, there is flat addition starting a level 9 so the cheese stops here. Still, potentially starting at level 8 with 5th level spells, even in the form of ceremonies, is nothing to sneeze at. I would not allow this in a serious game but it was amusing to find.

Are there any other amusing or possibly broken things like this that you noticed in ACKS?


It's come up on Discord before!  My personal solution is to stick with the trend that the minimum XP cost of any class is 1,250.  (There are a few classes that theoretically should have costs below that, but are rounded to 1,250).

The real problem is the first word of your post, "halfling"

Thanks Jojo. Also, is the rounding rule official? it would be nice if there were ever an updated class creation system that a minimum xp rule would be included. Its kind of hilarious that you could make a better theif just by recreating the class using the player's companion.

This is really quite an edge case, and this system doesn’t claim to be perfect so judgement is needed here.

First, I need to get this out before I get serious. This reflect the true evil at hand, the only way to get negative XP would be to become undead and invite level drain into the negatives. See how evil halflings are that they would do this?


So the negative do reflect reality, this is a weak combination. Aside from its mechanical quirkiness would someone play it?

A cap seems fitting but the thing to note is the post level 8 flat 75,000 (with racial) would kick in.

So 1000 gives a 60,000 to 135,000 jump. So you could go lower (thief has a bigger jump ratio).

Maybe even as low as 750 or 800 (round 7th level to 25,000) so 50,000 to 125,000 as the jump.

Key is, judge discretion applies and would anyone play it.

On other things that are quirky... Nothing yet, I do sometimes struggle with my players having massive AC :)