Help me create a “new” fey

I like fey, especially dangerous, mythologically based fey, and I like the new Auran Empire Campaign Setting fey recently in Axioms.

I have an idea for a “new” fey, a sort of wilder cousin to the brownie.

On the notion that there are no original ideas, if anyone knows of existing myth similar to this new fey, that may be a source for a name, appearance or other ideas.

My idea is of a “household” fey that hunts vermin. These fey appear in borderlands or wilderness, or rarely, may have been overrun by towns/cities (i.e. a “Dungeon” encounter in a sewer or neglected area). These fey may latch on to a hopefully friendly household, whom they hope to impress by leaving “trophies” of their kills on the doorstep, or other areas. Rewards in recognition of their vermin hunting prowess are appreciated, but like other fey, they don’t react well to insults.

I imagine them to be an earth-based fey, figuring prominently in dwarven and halfling tales. Those ignorant of these tales may mistake the trophies for threats. Worse, these new fey are not “cute” by any means. At best unkempt, perhaps they even have animal, bird or reptile like features. Usually invisible, the ignorant may imagine even more to fear if they catch a glimpse of these fey in their home.

When angered, these fey simply let the nearby vermin descend on the household. They may even interfere with the household’s efforts to kill the vermin, springing traps and such. In the worst cases, perhaps they band together to call vermin to the household.

What do you think?

So... Basically an ugly cat, except that they can also summon vermin?

It sounds like it might be worth looking into the domovoi and related tales for inspiration.

A cat was not the inspiration for this fey, but I realized the similarity afterward. Ideas for a less cat-reminiscent approach are welcome … Although I imagine these fey would get along well with cats and the smaller, historically vermin-hunting dogs. Also, fantasy worlds have fantasy vermin that would eat a cat or small dog.

Thanks! This does seem a promising line of research.