Help Spreading the Word

Hi guys - If you've downloaded the draft and like what you see, we could use your help spreading the word.


We value any support on blogs, Google Plus, forums, and so on.


I'd also love it if you used this thread to share any ideas you might have on how we can reach the wider community of RPG gamers who might or should care about Domains at War and being able to bring strategic and grand tactical warfare to their favorite role-playing game.

Also, if you've downloaded the Free Starter Edition please consider giving it a review on Drive Thru RPG! Right now the only review is 2 stars, and we'd like to get some confirmation that it needs a whole three stars more work to be as awesome as we intend :)

I’ve been looking for it and haven’t seen it. Have you guys made a plug for it on the Tabletop Gaming forum of ENWorld? That gets a bunch of traffic and a lot of folks advertise their kickstarters on there. You might also drop a note to Morrus and see if he might make it a news item on his front page, seeing as it’s a different sort of product than most RPG kickstarts.

Here is a heads-up for the kickstarter on my blog:

As an idea for promotion, do you have any cool signature that we can use? I will add it to my profile in the forums which I contribute.

Moorcys - either Tavis or I will reach out to ENWorld, good idea.

Golan - thanks for the plug!

Zapicm - great idea. What are the usual sizes for signatures on popular forums? We'll make one.

Try perhaps? Get a listing, at least, and from there linking to pictures/blogs/reviews/etc. is all built in.

And to amend my statement, I’d expect that particular crowd to be most interested in the Battles half of the product, and I wouldn’t expect the free Starter (since it’s the Campaigns side) to have much truck with them.

I have posted an article in my blog (I just started it a few weeks ago).
The article also has my first try on a tool to generate units. So far I am covering just standard units, I am planning of creating similar ones for the other types of units.

Also a good idea to post on, the sister-site to BGG. I’m dealing with a death in the family at the moment, but I’ll try and get to it early this week (assuming noone else has).