Henchman XP share

Dave R and Aryxmarkai are correct.


So, just for the fully illustrated version:

Magnar and Tyr are PCs. Magnar the Paladin has five henches, while Tyr the Journeyman Wizard brought along his Apprentice Wizard Hench, for a total of 2 PCs and 6 henches.

They find 10,000 gold. 

Each hench gets a half share of XP, and each PC gets a full share, so that's a total of 5 shares. Each PC gets 2000 XP and each hench 1000 XP. 

Each hench gets 1/6th share of XP, and each PC gets a full share, so that's a total of 3 shares. Each PC gets 3,333 GP and each hench gets 555 GP. (The extra four gold coins are automatically deducted to buy some celebratory beer at the first tavern encountered. (Or, I dunno, you can deal with fractional coins and "Silver" like a peasant, whatever))

Thanks for the link, Alex's explanation there explains how the treasure shares with henchmen are supposed to work perfectly. Maybe the wording in the next edition of ACKS can make that clearer, or a similar example to Alex's can be provided.

Stating that each henchman gets a 1/6 share of the treasure would probably avoid the confusion of the current rule stating that a henchman gets 15% of the PC's income.

Moments of being a pendantic jerk:

1. 1/6 is slightly more than 15%, but close enough that it really shouldn't matter.

2. Don't they actually have just 3 gp left over, instead of 4? (Oops, I'm being the worst kind of pendantic jerk. The kind that doesn't check his own math before spouting off. It is 4 gp left over.)


I actually completely forgot that I rounded up to 1/6th for sanity reasons, I made the houserule so long ago. 

I multiply by 100 to make the math saner myself, so each PC gets 100 shares and each henchman gets 15 shares.

In your example with 2 PCs, six henches, and 10k gp, there’s a total of 290 shares, so one share is (10,000/290) = 34.48 (and a bunch more numbers after the decimal) gold; each PC gets 3448 gp and each henchman gets (34.48*15) = 517.2 gp.

(The 8 silver missing is administrative losses, clearly, paper and ink and so on to actually figure out who got paid how much.)

That's exactly what I do. Way easier that way. I also just figure it out for the PCs (both gold and XP), post the calculation, and then let them divvy the actual treasure as they see fit.

Thanks everyone. All clear now.