Heroic Fantasy: No cursed items?

Reading through the Heroic Treasure chaper of the Heroic Fantasy, it occured ot me that th enew tables don't have nay curse ditem on them. Am I misisng soemthing, or was there a decision to remove cursed items from the Heroic Fantasy treasure?

IIRC, the conversation went something around the fact where there aren't necessarily "cursed" items in the traditional D&D sense in the literature (Conan, LOTR) - certainly powerful singluar items that carry consequences, but not the old "-1 sword" sort.

Thanks for the context. So If I wanted to reintroduce cursed items I might think more in terms of flawed items- items that gave a bonus but came with some downside, like an axe that gave you Berserkergang but that might induce full rage instead, or a sword that had to inflict damage before it could be resheathed or dropped. 

Yep - that sort of thing would absolutely be more in line with the 'intent' of HFH.

Part of the challenge in that sort of thing is those sorts of unique items are often tied into the history of a campaign world or even generated as part of play; sometimes it's hard to catch those sorts of things in a more generically presented supplement.

That makes sense. It’s especially tricky in my case as I’m using Heroic Fantasy and Guns of War at the same time.