Heroic Funerals & Reserve Fund

I want to use the Heroic Funerals option the the Heroic Fantasy Handbook, and I also want to use the reserve xp rule in the core as well for I like both ideas. My first thought on the matter is: would the two rules being in play together be redundant? Mutally exclusive? I don't think so, but I'm not so sure. Also, can you have a heroic funeral for your deceased pc AND add it to the reserve fund you have saved up? Total two reserve funds so-to-speak? Or is that too much? Or is the intent to use heroic funerals and the reserve fund together? Any other insights concerning the matter would also be appreciated. Thanks.

Near as I can tell, the Heroic Funerals rule could be summed up as "you don't necessarily have to be alive to increase your reserve xp, because spending big on your own funeral counts, even if you do it post mortem." To put it another way, heroic funerals are an out for players whose characters died unesxpectedly before they got around to increasing their xp reserves.

GM Joe is correct. It's just a way for a party to offer a last-ditch contribution to a deceased PC's reserve fund if he hadn't done so prior to dying.