Hexographer for Greyhawk (Kingdom of Keoland)


I'm new to ACKS having only just bought the PDF through DrivethruRPG (The Books on the way). I've been considering getting Hexographer to create Campaign & Regional Maps. I'm looking to use the World of Greyhawk Setting centering on The Kingdom of Keoland & the surrounding area.

I'm curious to what peoples experiences have been using Hexographer & also has anyone used if to map Keoland or there abouts. Any help or advice is welcome.



No familiarity with Greyhawk, but I do know I have been much happier using hexographer for region-mapping than paper (see eg https://wanderinggamist.blogspot.com/2015/10/15-mile-hexes.html ). Worth noting that Hexographer 2 is coming fairly soon (see http://inkwellideas.com/2016/07/hexographer-2s-map-levels/ ).

It's worth checking if someone has already "hexed" the world up for you. I used it to create my own relatively small maps, and generally found that it's a bit clunky, but still infinitely better than doing it by hand. Given the free trial version, I'd say there's not really a reason not to at least try it out.

EDIT: Googled "Greyhawk hex map". Looks like there are a few out there already (assuming the map I see popping up repeatedly is what you're after).

I have some examples of creating a campaign and using Hexographer to create the different level maps.


I am excited about the new version coming out, it is going to have some long awaited improvements.

Thanks for the advise guys. I was kinda hoping that someone had already done pretty much the same project as me & could walk me through it using Hexographer. I'm 99.9% sure I'm going to get Hexographer the only real decision now is do I get it in the bundle with Dungeonographer & Cityographer or just by itself.

One trick is that Hexographer has a feature where you can overlay a transparent image, so you can basically just drop a map of Greyhawk and "color it in" using terrain. 

I found the tracing layer useful recently when hexifying Calradia (from the Mount and Blade games) (all 75,000 odd hexes!). Regarding the other programs, I have the free versions, but don’t bother using them. Dungeons, I will draw on the battle mat, and tend to randomly generate, so I just use a random generator, print it and populate. No reason to use dungeonographer. Regarding cities, I find it’s rare that you really need to know the layout of a city. Everywhere is within a couple of hours walk at most, so you really don’t need to plan a route or the like. The only time I think I would map a city is if I was running a campaign wholly within it.

So for me, I just use hexographer for the campaign map (eg a single map that will get a lot of use and be shared electronically with the group