HFH Shamans,Trinkets, and Talismans

When using the Heroic Fantasy Handbook rules, Shamans become eldtritch ceremonialists, but can Shamans make trinkets? Can they make talismans? (I do realize they get a Personal Talisman to start). If so, at what levels respectively?

All ceremonialists can make trinkets at caster level 1 and talismans at caster level 5 as part of the Ceremonial Magic value.  HFH page 202, Ceremonial Performance and Magic Research.

Ah, thanks, I thought I read that somewhere but couldn't find it again.

I take it converted (from the core & PC) ceremonialists and converted spellsingers can take any of the the new proficiencies in the HFH? (I looked in the class creation section, but didn't see anything about proficiencies, granted, I'm still trying to grasp the rules concerning designining classes and how it works).

I'd let them take any of the new proficiencies that are relevant. Some of their old proficiencies will be less useful or excluded so it balances out.