Historical or low-magic ACKS

I am considering using acks for a campaing with little to no magic, focused on the mass batlle and domain rules. The battle rules for armies are really cool and the domain sistem is glorius, but i am worried about character feelign to similar and gameplay if i take the casters away. The idea will be to start as minor nobles an win lands and gold trhu missions for their lord and war. 

Have any of you played something similar? Any advice? 

How much of the ACKs catalog are you familiar with? the recently published Heroic Fantasy Handbook has lots of new material that helps you run a game with lower, rarer, more dangerous magic.  It's also got some new non-magical classes to supplement variety if you want to stay totally magic free.

Kiero, on the forums, ran a historical greek game with ACKs, and wrote about it extensively on the forums.

I have the heroic fantasy companion, but i am aiming to even less magic or no magic at all. I will check the other clases to se what i can use and check on Kieros posts. Thanks!

I collated my hacks and other bits and pieces onto a wiki - see if there's anything useful to you there. My game had no magic at all, beyond a little divination in dreams. Characters felt quite distinct from each other, even if most were some variation on the Fighter.


I'd recommend starting the characters at level 3 and with some henchfolk and hirelings - much more of a cushion should they get into trouble. And it means they can use tactics and formations right away. D@W has some good advice on using the skirmish scale for combat between tens on each side, though the regular combat rules can work for that as well.