How does a Vault or Fastness loot like?

How does a Dwarven Vault or Elven Fastness look like? Is the Vault a Moria and the Fastness a Rivendell? I’m looking for some inspiration, hopefully also graphical inspiration, fort such strongholds.

Hey Golan!

In general elven fastnesses should be buildings that blend into the terrain in an elegant and beautiful way. The treehouse city is the classic example, but other integrations could work. Dwarven vaults should be underground or hewn structures delved from the earth. 

Within Middle Earth, for high elves, Rivendell is an appropriate model whereas for wood elves, Lothlorien.  For dwarves, Moria is a good example.

In the real world, here are some sites to consider:

  1. - Underground city in Turkey (Dwarven Vault)
  2. - City carved into rock in Jordan (Dwarven Vault)
  3. - Treehouse city (Fastness)
  4. - Clifftop monasteries (Fastness)


Many thanks for the examples!

I imagined the old Elven Fortress magic card, really.