How much treasure/xp for an army?

Due to some…complex circumstances my players are about to destroy/route an army of 3000 beastmen that have been devastating the fertile farm lands for months.

Now I kind of envisioned we’d use D@W to deal with it but more placed it there as a plot point so beyond their number and vague compositions I hadn’t thought too much about it.

Next week however they will probably massacre said army with little risk to themselves in grand Old School fashion.

So how should I handle it xp wise…and how much loot should such an army have?

XP: The PCs should receive XP equal to

  1. The XP value of casualties inflicted less XP value of casualties suffered by their forces
  2. The GP value of spoils of war

Spoils of War: The spoils of war from a victorious battle are equal to one month’s wages of each destroyed or routed unit. In addition, each prisoner captured is worth 40gp if sold as a slave or ransomed. (Higher level NPCs, monsters, and similar creatures can be ransomed for greater sums, at the Judge’s discretion.)

Goblin wages are 3gp per month, orc wages are 6-12gp, hobgoblins 12-55, ogres 40-80.

Awesome! Thanks Alex. Now I need to actually figure out the breakdown of the enemy army!

Hey Alex

How do I determine the monthly pay for the units? I looked in D@W but couldn’t find it…though maybe I have an older file.

Is it based on their function like a human merc or their HD (chief, subchief, etc)? Is there a table?

Monthly pay for beastmen units is in D@W: Campaigns in the latest version. Drop me an email if you need the file, though it should be available for backer download.

Email sent!

I responded. It was a big file so let me know if you got it!