How to buy Dwimmermount?

Hello, I have become interested in Dwimmermount and would like to purchase the print version, with the map and illustrations booklet (a friend got his items from the Kickstarter, so I have seen them and I am very impressed), but I cannot find where to do so? Is it not released yet? Will it be?


I don’t know for sure which products this will apply to (hopefully all of them!) but Alex said in one of his updates that most of Autarchs products should be available print-on-demand from Drivethru RPG/RPG Now by the end of November, so… perhaps that’ll be where you can get print versions?

Dwimmermount will be available via Amazon, DriveThruRPG, and in flagship gaming stores. Look for it around the end of next month.

Amazon only has the map book and the illustration book. How do I get the whole thing?

I’m hoping to get my hands on a hard copy of the ‘whole thing’ as well. I picked up the .pdf and just ordered the map/illo books but there is something about a nice, weighty tome in hand that no digital product can match.

We are just waiting on approval by Amazon. It should be available soon! It just takes a while to go through the LSI/Amazon process.

Is this still happening?

Yes! It’s still happening. This week we sent Dwimmermount books to our distributor AND uploaded POD Dwimmermount to DTRPG.

I would imagine we will see Dwimmermount become available online in hardcover within 2-3 weeks and in retail stores in 1.5-2 months.

Hot diggity damn! Which is to say - take my money, please.

I was wondering if there was any difference between the distributor’s copies and POD in terms of paper quality or anything else.

No difference at all! All copies of Dwimmermount are printed via Lightning Source.

Any updates on Dwimmermount going to Amazon? Will it be available on Amazon Canada?

No news on this? I hear the hard copy is out in a store (Leisure Games)?


I bought the adventure book and map book from drivethru… now I must play it :slight_smile:

I tried to get the hardcopy of Dwimmermount from Paizo. It took two months and they still hadn’t shipped it and the order status said, “out of stock.” So I canceled my order and just got the pdf from DTRPG. It works.

I did get the mapbook from Amazon. So worth it. I might just get my pdf printed out at staples.