[HR] Apprentice Level Characters

I thought I would share my rules as they develop for “apprentice” level (or level 0) characters.


Nice writeup. I was thinking of doing something more directly derived from the section of 0th-level characters in the ACKS book on page 64. But yours offers a lot of opportunities for micro-advancement, which is cool.

Normal humans and demi-humans (non-adventuring 0th level
characters) do not begin with the Adventuring proficiency or
any class proficiencies. Instead they begin their careers with four
general proficiencies. If their Intelligence is 13 or greater, they
gain additional general proficiencies equal to their Intelligence
bonus. A character may not select the same proficiency more
than once with his four starting proficiencies, but may use
bonus proficiencies from high INT to do so. Normal humans
gain an additional general proficiency after 5 years, 15 years,
and 35 years of work. Normal dwarves and elves gain an
additional general proficiency after 5, 15, 35, and 70 years of
work. Adventurers learn much faster – or die.
EXAMPLE: Tavus is a highly intelligent (INT 16) 0th level young
man. He begins his career at age 18 with six general proficiencies
– four base + two more from his high INT. He selects Craft
(Carpenter), Engineering, Labor (Stonecutting), and Mapping
with his four starting proficiencies. With his bonus proficiencies
he takes two additional ranks in Engineering. At age 23, he gains
an additional proficiency, which he uses to take a fourth rank
in Engineering. He is now qualified to serve as an Engineer
specialist (see Specialists in Chapter 3), making him among
the youngest engineers in his guild. A character of average
Intelligence might