[HR - class] the Failed Paladin

The result of a very mercenary player trying to play a Paladin. If the character continues in any form… he’ll need this.


i like how its mechanically a good class, but you have to live whit the names of your abilities.

This ^

Hilarious. :slight_smile:


It’s the more subtle one that caught me:

“…and 1d6 failed paladins of 1st - 3rd level will come seeking work, thinking their failings will be overlooked…”

though I immediately thought of a reference that is the opposite of subtle, the “surrounded by a**holes” scene from Spaceballs!.

I hadn't realised it was that subtle.   I may have to work "surrounded by a-holes" into the text.


This is hilarious! A perfect alternative for paladins who don't fall quite far enough to gain anti-paladin status. I particularly like how the experience point and hit point progressions match up perfectly with the Paladin one.

I do wonder why the class gets a bonus to ranged damage rolls when it isn't proficient in any ranged weapons... But I guess I should wonder that about the baseline paladin, as well. Oh, well.

Paladins are proficient in spears, thus would expect in throwing them as well, just not in other missile weapons.  Though not being proficient in a dagger always seems weird to me for any class that just doesnt have some religious strictures in no blood-letting at all.

Best class ability names ever!