[HR:Class] The Wormpriest (or, renaming proficiencies to fit a theme)

The Wormpriest

Here we have, mostly, an exercise in renaming proficiencies to create a theme out of mostly unrelated abilities.

That is one fine class. I’d think it would be more of an NPC/villain choice rather than a common PC choice, but it would be a lot of fun to have in the campaign.

I always saw apostasy as a proficiency that was too interesting to completely ignore, but it has a name that makes me feel that it is un-cleric-y to take. I just want a few specific spells without being burned at the stake; is that too much to ask?

Depends on how you like to play your wizards :slight_smile:

I had an Alienist PC for a while in a 3.X game that was tentacular.

Really cool class. Awesome.


Well done!

The comment about downtrodden worshipers reminded me of the song “Worms of the Earth” which I first heard sung in a beautiful but haunting rendition. I can totally imagine your Wormpriest leading this song as he leads the peasants to “drink from their [lords’] helmets tonight”.


Makes me think of a priest or priestess of D’rek, the worm of autumn, from Erikson’s Malazan books.

Yep! There’s more than a bit of that in there. I’m a big fan of Erikson’s cosmology/history.

Cool. :slight_smile: I always thought that was a cool goddess - and I liked Banaschar the priest in the series.