[HR] Monsters: Chaos Ooze

Somewhat adjusted from AD&D1:
Chaos Ooze

Type Ooze(medium)
% in Lair 95%
Dungeon Enc. 1
Wilderness Enc. 1
Alignment Chaotic
Movement 10’, 20’ (over mud, sand, etc.)
AC 9
HD 4+3*
Attacks 6+ bite
Damage 1 + 1 per round
Save As Fighter 2
Morale +4
Treasure A, B
XP 215
Chaos oozes are heaps of chaos-protomatter, incorporating a dozend of so eyes and mouths of different sizes and types. they roam dungeon corridors in search of prey. When lying in wait with their eyes and mouth shut, they can be taken for heaps of earthly materials. Chaos oozes are sometimes created by magical experience gone wrong, when creatures are suffused with pure chaos energy their bodies and minds cannot withstand. Such poor creatures melt away into near nothingness, leaving only a few semi-intelligent remnants behind: the chaos ooze whose sole existance is reduced to kill and eat.

A chaos ooze attacks by extending and biting with 6 mouths per round. Each mouth which hits will fasten on and drain an additional 1 point of damage per round attached. When 3 or more mouths are attached to a single character, that person must make a saving throw va. paralysis or slip and fall prone. If the character falls, the gibbering mouther will flow over the victim with its next action and automatically bite with 12 more mouths.

When any edible object is sighted by a chaos ooze, it may begin an incoherent gibbering that causes confusion (as the spell) in all characters within a 20’ radius unless a savevs.spells is made. For each round that monster is heard, characters within range must roll another save.

The brain of chaos ooze is located in its mid-portion, and its gelatinouslike body makes it difficult to strike this one vital spot; thus its armor class of 9.

Once a mouth has attached itself to the character how to you dislodge it?
Does the mouth stay on until the monster is dead?
If the monster has 6 mouths attacked to one player can it still attack someone else by growing new mouths?
Just some questions i’d want to know about if I were trying to run the monster.

Well the rule’s for the gibbering mounter (i.e. chaos ooze) didn’t say anything about this, so i would use something along the line of what i have “invented” for the mind flayer (i.e. tentacled brainsucker).
Additionally: if the ooze is ober you and bites you with 12 mouths, i would use something along the line of the wrestling rules i.e. make a save vs. paralysis as an action to wriggle free.

Oh YES! I was hoping to put a Gibbering Mouther into an adventure soon. Now I don’t have to bother converting it. Thanks!