[HR] New Class: Bravo, and New Item: Buckler

I’ve been watching too much The Borgias recently, and although it’s out of the usual time frame for ACKS, here is The Bravo, a duellist.


And the Buckler – a small shield for duellists that won’t be of much use to untrained warriors.

Buckler / 7gp / +0 AC))

A buckler is too small to be used as an effective shield. However anyone who has Fighting Style Two Weapons may equip a buckler even if they may not normally equip a shield, and gain a +1 AC bonus instead of a +1 to attack throws. Fighting Style Weapon and Shield works as printed, making bucklers effective for them as well.

**Essentially a buckler counts as an off-hand parrying weapon, instead of an offensive weapon.

I really like your Bravo class. Good fun! I could see myself playing one.

Thanks! It was fun to play around with +/- customs. I think a couple of the level-names need improvement, and in a “dungeon” a Fighter or a Thief would do a better job, but if you were running a very urban game I think the Bravo would hold his own.

Curious about switching to the thief saves…and paying two customs for it. Fighters end up with the best saves overall.

Also, I think your xp chart might be off. When a 2 point Fighter build sells back weapons and armor and styles it increases your xp by 150 per sell back.

Anyway, I do really like the idea and the class is otherwise really good.

Two reasons.

  1. As a class the duellist really should focus on Dexterity – rapid movement and flexibility are key to the styles practiced by lightly armoured urban warriors. And by adding a suite of Thief tricks made the connection seem even more sensible.
  2. Although I would have to create a host of new stronghold actions for Salle/Dojo/“Duelling Schools” I didn’t want Bravos turning into Fighters in the Conqueror tier, and castling up.

And my EXp costs may be off – I may have missed a line or two of relevant text! :slight_smile:

I like this. Seems better than the variation of the same concept I worked on.

That’s really really nice and characterful. Most excellent.