[HR] New Class: The Adept

From the post:

I was inspired to create this class based on a request on the Autarch forums. Prior to creating this class, I had created a matrix of spell-like abilities based on the examples provided in the Player’s Companion, but expanded to show a power cost for 1st through 6th level spells, frequency at will through 1 per quarter, casting time 1 round or 1 turn (when not at will). I created this matrix with the goal of using it to create new races. Although there was some number-crunching behind my matrix, I realized that two conditions likely invalidated my calculated costs: 1) all spells at a given level are not equal, and 2) any points system can be abused. Therefore, my matrix represents, at best, a baseline. The next step is to develop guidelines for how to apply the matrix, or more specifically, circumstantial cost adjustments.

The adept class is a fire-hose of spell-like abilities compared to the races I have in development. That fire-hose may help me to fine tune my approach more quickly.

Clearly, the adept is not for everyone, and that’s fine. If you are playing a game where adept PCs may fit in, I hope you will give the class a try and post your feedback. If you are not playing in a game suitable for adept PCs, the adept can provide the Judge with a unique and interesting adversary for the players. I can easily imagine adepts re-skinned as alien horrors from the deep or demons of the ancient world.

In any event, have fun with it!