[HR] New Class: The Gnomish Arbalestier

How about a little love for the gnome? (pun intended)

Very fun class. I like the "following fire" power. And it feels very gnomish, e.g. distinct from dwarves, which is hard to accomplish. 

Despite my dislike of little people, I might use this. Don't go starting up any halflings though.

Definitely one of my favourite fan-made classes too. I’d love to see it finally finished with a full set of templates as well. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words!

Per RA’s request, the Gnomish Arbalestier now includes templates (scroll down on the link above).

These are my first templates, and I tried to create characters I could have fun with.

Very cool, though I’m surprised the Tunnel Runner has no crossbow or arbalest at all.