[HR] The Ovatic Spellcaster: New Class Category

In a totally superfluous action, I’ve made an attempt to draw the 1E/OSRIC Druid spell progression down into a new Class Category to use with the Player’s Companion custom class building rules.


I like it and I think its very interesting and different while still hitting the overall tone of ACKS design.

I am assuming they use divine spells but learn them in an arcane fashion based off what you have described. My only suggestion would be to include the spells they are able to learn.

They use the mage’s repertoire mechanics, yes, but the spells aren’t necessarily divine. It’s a new “spell category”, Arcane, Divine, now Ovatic.

Any given ovatic class’s spells would probably be a mix of divine and arcane, based on the class concept - so, Cure Light Wounds becomes a 2nd level Druid spell. It exists the same way Arcane spells exist (in scrolls, or teachable, able to be copied into a repertoire) but it’s not an Arcane or Divine spell, so neither cleric nor mages use that version. It’s Ovatic.

To be complete, I’d have to get into the ACKS:PC and go through and add additional Ovatic multipler values to the “Healing” custom spell table so that the Cure spells came out at the levels I’d want to recreate the ADND Druid spell list, if that was my objective. A Witch sort would use Charm spells at whatever the more favorable value is, and blast spells, perhaps, at the less favorable.

That was a bit outside the scope of what I had in mind to present though - I figure most folk’ll be lazy like me and adjust existing spells - maybe Healing spells go up a level for Druids but plant/animal spells go down a level. Stuff like that.

Makes sense and I do understand they aren’t “divine” spells but a unique new category. I was just curious what you envisioned as their typical spell list. For the Red Silks you didn’t include one, so I was just wondering. I do very much like what you did though.

They’re a combination of ‘companions’, entertainers, spies, agent provocatuers, and bards.

They’ll have cleric-style survival spells, with healing and protection. They’re on their own a lot, aside from the occasional apprentice.

A good smattering of enchantments, both subtle, to nudge, and controlling when absolutely necessary.

Illusions, to both entertain, or confuse, conceal, or to hide & escape. Alter Self and Polymorph Self would be excellent choices.

Some small amount of divination to prepare for the future.

If it fits your world style, communication spells to talk back to the House would certainly fit. (I don’t think such a thing exists in ACKS)

I’d imagine, if the class is to fit it’s description, they’re going to want to keep their magicks on the subtle side - to fulfill their function of being close advisors and companions, no wise noble will allow a spellcaster of power that level of access. It’d be a dangerous game.

Unattached (adventuring) Ecstatics would probably operate a lot like bards, and are more likely to have some measure of offensive power, though things like Fireball would be a bit rare. They’d have a lot of disabling spells for those who can’t be talked to, and would often be the face-(wo)man for the party.