[HR] When a magician's reach exceeds their grasp

One of the things that delighted me about ACKS is that the team was working along similar lines to my own house rules. In particular, the rules concerning the magician’s repitoire and library.
Part of my hourse rules is that all spellcasters can scribe scrolls that they can cast at first level. For magicians, that means that they can scribe scrolls that are in their library. On occastion, a magician may find a scroll higher than they could otherwise cast. If they are able to scribe it into their library, they can make scrolls of it as they wish.
If a spellcaster tries to cast a spell from a scroll beyond their ability, there is a 15% chance per spell level beyond what they can cast that something will go wrong. If things go awry, consult the following table:
(2d6) Result Effect
2 Burnout - Spell fails; magician cannot cast spells for 2 hours per spell level.
3 Flux Burn - Spell fails; magician cannot cast highest level spells or greater for 2 hours per spell level.
4-5 Flux Aura - Spell succeeds; magical effect surrounds caster for 2 hours per spell level.
6-8 Warped Magic - Spell succeeds; if the dice match, The spell’s damage or effect is doubled. If not, the damage or effect is halved.
9-10 Spell Arc - Spell succeeds; Caster equally affected as target, may save against effect.
11 Feedback - Spell fails; Caster affected instead of target, may save against effect.
12 Backlash - Spell fails; Caster takes spell effect and 1d6 x spell level in damage, no save.