[HR] Which Witch?

So, I like witches … I’m very happy with the flexibility of the Player’s Companion witch class, and I have posted on my blog different witch Traditions that I’ve explored in my games. I thought I’d mention them on this forum for anyone interested.


Also, a College of Witchcraft for my wizard class for those who prefer an arcane witch.


Quite enjoyable classes, thanks for sharing.

The Winter Witch, in particular, would be easy to drop into any Jutland- or Rorn-based campaign in my world. 

Also, if I haven't mentioned it to you, I love your "Wizard" class. It's simply delightful. The Warlock was designed to feel like the sort of evil sorcerers that appear in Conan stories or 1,0001 Nights. The Wizard class, along the same lines, feels like the sort of magicians that appear in Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Earthsea, or Arthurian Myth.