Human with racial powers like other demi-humans

Hi all, this one was on my mind by a long time. We already had human with racial levels in Barbarians Conqueror of Kanahu (page 143 of the book Terran Custom Classes.
Here the approach is a little different and is a tool to have custom human classes with specific powers at the cost of level limitation.

<<What we did was to create a "human custom race" in terms of the ACKS class system on one hand to recreate the already presented human classes and on the other to have ready tools for creating new human classes.>>

I have added a little bit of backstory, so now this human will be called "1st E. Human", the idea is to make some article wich will use this First Empire Humans to simulate the classes from 1st ed. AD&D (Rangers, Bards, Druids, Assassins, Acrobats, Monks, Barbarians, Cavaliers and the like), so for example I plan on creating a
1st E. Human Ranger
1st E. Human Barbarian

and so on
<<The First Empire (1st E.)
The First Empire, the Empire, the Great Empire was the first to unite Human, Dwarf, Elves and others under One banner, was the first to control the eight seas and the one hundred thousand rivers. The first, and only one, to dominate the world for ten thousand years. The First Empire was truly cosmopolitan, and the various race mixed freely, after ten thousand years the humans of the empire were a little more sophisticated than the barbarian from outside the empire, an unique mix of different bloods, culture and traditions made them special. Only the First Empire Human can hope to follow the paths of the thousands of special martial and magical traditions (classes) that flourished in the First Empire.>>

Nice, I like it! Will you be creating other human sub-types as well?

Thanks, on other human I am mulling over it, it could make sense to have an human/barbarian type must mull over it a little more