I know this isn't the right place to ask this, but do you guys need an intern?

I know this isn't what this forum's for, but if you could either pass this along or let me know who I should be trying to get in touch with that would be a great help.

I’m a sophomore at the City College of New York. I’m trying to see if its possible to get some sort of internship in the tabletop RPG industry in order to learn a little more about the process of making an RPG. I don’t know what policies or programs you guys might have, but if you could use an extra person around to help out this summer please let me know. 

    Thank you so much in advance,

        -Adam Z. Wolfson

Adam, we unfortunately don't really have an office where we could host an intern. It's really just me in my living room with help from the gang online. We could certainly use volunteer help, but it's not really an internship in the classic sense.

I can ask my friends at WOTC if they accept interns, if you'd like.

I'd be happy to do volunter help, even if it's not in the strict form of an internship. What sorts of things would you need done? 

Also, please do ask at WOTC if it's not too much trouble.

(I'm really sorry for not responding sooner. I somehow missed that you has replied on Sunday, and then Monday was the first day of classes for me.)